How to delete PayTM account? Delete Your Un-used Paytm Account Now!

Know how to delete Paytm account or deactivate Paytm account with a simple guide. By using the services of PayTM you can recharge your DTH and make mobile payments. Not only that you can enjoy many other services like paying the electric bill and gas or phone bills. But since you are looking for a way to delete your PayTM account we will discuss with you on that to delete paytm account


PayTM is an e-payments and e-commerce brand of India which is totally based out of Delhi NCR. It was launch in August and in the year 2010. The serving area of the payTM is worldwide. The headquarters of the company is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The founder of the payment company is Vijay Shekhar Sharma. And it has over 13,000 employees with 3 million of merchants over India. The services of the PayTM are now available in a country like Canada as well. Today we will talk regarding How to delete PayTM account in details.

How to Delete PayTM Account? Available Steps to Do!

Send an Email:

The first step you need to take is “send an email”. And it is to you inform you that PayTM cannot be deleted permanently. And until now there is no method available yet to delete your account. It also means that all the information provided in the account of PayTM will not be erased. Instead of that, you may deactivate your account and in this way, the services will not remain active. And the information stored which is provided by you will not be used. To deactivate your account send an email at And in just 2 days of time, your account will get deactivated.deactivate paytm account

Uninstall PayTM App:

Speaking of PayTM it can be used in two several ways that are online and using the mobile app. If you are one of those who are accessing PayTM account through mobile app then you just uninstall the app. It is very simple as that and log out the account from the official website and never log in again.paytm deactivate

Making the request on Facebook Page:

It is common that nowadays everyone is engaged on Facebook except for few who might have no Facebook account. So, if you already have an account, then get an access by using your Facebook account. Visit the Facebook page of PayTM and then post a request to “deactivate” PayTM Account. The customer care service provider department will do the work when they receive your request. And then in the process, your account will be blocked and will remain inactive.remove paytm account

Get Help from your Bank:

Just in case if you are having any suspicion that someone is using your PayTM account without your permission. In that time you can contact your bank and request them to stop any kind payments made with PayTM. This is the way how you stop avoiding the use of Your PayTM without your knowledge. And always remember not to share your PayTM login ID and password with anyone.paytm account delete

Final Words: Deactivate PayTM Account Now!

Now you have reached the end of the post on How to delete PayTM account. Above mentioned are some of the tips using which you can actually deactivate your PayTM anytime you want. And the customer care team is available at your services for 24 X 7. If you wish to deactivate your account contact with them and do it without any problem.

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