How to Disable Heads-Up Notifications on an Android Device?

Want to know how to disable heads-up notifications on an Android device then follow up this article. The Android Lollipop and the later Android OS versions have introduced the heads-up notification features for Smart phones. This feature is very much useful for us as we do not need to scroll down the notification bar every time to view the messages and other notification at all.

But sometimes these notifications really create some disturbances while you are going to watch videos or playing games on Android. Some brands of smartphones are there in which you can get the option to turn off this feature from the settings. But most of the ROMs do not have the feature to turn off that heads up notification.How to disable heads-up notifications on Android

So to get rid of that annoying condition we are going to show you all some procedures to turn that feature off. After turn off this feature, you can again view the notification by scroll down your notification bar as like the old version. There are several steps included in each procedure which you need to perform to block heads-up notification. Let’s have a look on these procedures given below.

How to Disable heads-up notifications on Android?

Some best work able procedures are given below such that you can block heads-up notifications on the Android phone. Some of the procedures need rooted devices and some other can works on the regular OS as well. So here we will discuss the process and free tools which do not need any rooted device and easily block them on your phone.

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Procedure 1:  Using Heads off App Method

  • At first, you need to open Google Play and install the App “Heads off (Android 5.0)”. To download this app now then Click on this LINK
  • Hope you have successfully downloaded this application from the Play Store. Now open the app from the launcher icon.Block heads up Notification
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and here you can actually turn off  Heads-Up notifications of your Android device.
  • Now select the “Start the App” button from this app.
  • If you will get on pop up that “Notification Access” then tick on it and allow the app to access your notifications through it.
  • Once you need to restart your phone and thus you are done.

Procedure 2: ADB Method by Using your Computer

This is one of the critical methods which you need to perform very carefully to disable Heads-up notification. So follow the below steps to perform it now.

  • At first, you should make sure that Android ADB software is installed on your computer. If you do not have this software then you can download and install this software from the LINK given HERE.
  • Now connect your Android phone via USB to the PC and you have to enable the USB debugging mode in your phone from the Phone Settings developer option.How to disable heads up notifications
  • If you have any doubt about using this ADB software then click on this Link to get know about it.
  • Now open the terminal of the ADB software in your PC and check whether the phone is connected or not by using this code “ADB devices” and click enter now.
  • Now you will see your phone on the list which appears on your terminal.
  • Again type the code “ADB shell settings put global heads_up_notifications_enabled 0”.
  • Now you have to once reboot your phone to apply the final settings. Thus you are done now.

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These are the two best methods for how to disable Heads-up notifications on an Android device, which you can apply on your smartphone. Almost all the Android phones will support these procedures and thus help you to block the annoying heads up notifications during playing videos and games. All the above methods are tested in practically and thus recommend for you all to use on your device too. Rather than these methods, there are also some other methods which are more critical than these. So to create the user-friendly environment we have given these easy process for you all.

Let me know if you have any confusion while following the steps for how to disable heads-up notifications on your Android device. I will be happy to reply with the best resolution of it.

How to Disable Heads-Up Notifications on an Android Device?
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