How to disable Instagram Activity Status [Turn Off Show Activity Status in Instagram App]

Know how to disable Instagram Activity Status, as in the new update Instagram has bring user activity drill feature. Now, with this new feature users are allowed to see their followers online status or their activity in the Instagram app. This activity feature will be enabled by default, which may be an issue for some users. If this feature is bothering you using Instagram then there is also an option to turn of the Instagram activity log.

And this why we are drilling with this article to let you know how to hide your online status on Instagram. As of this feature enrolled, many of its users think it cannot be changed and its followers are anytime can related when you were online or if you are online or to disable activity status in Instagram

But wait this can be turned off, as Instagram has given the option to do it so. Like on Facebook, there is no shortcut way to hide your online status in the Instagram app but let me allow you to show how can you turn off of Instagram online status here in this article.

How to disable Instagram Activity Status? Make Yourself Private on Instagram

Instagram is very popular photo and video sharing social media owned by Facebook. Before some of the days, there was no way to know who is online and when the user was active on Instagram. With the new update now, everybody can see its followers and following persons online activities. Basically, in the message section, you can check if they are online or not. Or even not online Instagram can show your when the user was to turn off instagram online activity status

This could a be a useful feature for many stalking to any user on Instagram. But again, as said, this could trigger some issue when someone means to hide their activity the in Instagram app. Yes, there is much reason, we wish to hide our online status to some extent without letting them know my logs. So, if you are bothering with this new feature then let me show how to hide online feature the in the Instagram app.

Steps to turn off Instagram Online Status: Hide Your Online Status on Instagram!

Please note that to disable online status for Instagram, it will be done only in the official Instagram app. You, if you have been using Instagram with third party app or the in-browser then installing the official app, is recommended. After downloading the app, you can make a way through below given steps.

  • Download official Instagram app on your Android and iOS device.
  • After downloading it, open the app on your device.
  • For sure, you need to log them in the Instagram app for the very first. Or if you don’t have an Instagram account then you have to create it.
  • After login, go to your Instagram profile.increase instagram privacy
  • Tap on the Setting icon located an on top-right corner on the same page.turn off online activity
  • Now many settings for Instagram you can see. Scroll down until you see Show activity status with a toggle button.
  • Tap on the button to disable Show activity status option.disable instagram show activity status
  • After all of these steps, your online activities on Instagram will remain hidden. So, without letting others your online status, you can be online.

So, these are all about how you can hide Instagram online status in the app. All you need to follow the steps that mentioned on above if this new updated feature bothers you for some privacy reason. These steps are cannot be done through the browser and other third-party apps. Therefore, use the instruction wisely to make it possible in your Instagram account.

Important Note: One disadvantage is there after turning off activity status. As people won’t be able to know if you are online or not, you also won’t be able to see others. Now if you care about knowing others online status on Instagram, then you should not hide online status in the Instagram app.

Hide Your Online Status on Instagram

So, this is how you can hide your online activity on Instagram, as the new update brings users to know others’ activities. This is an official way to turn off activity status in Instagram app. Just go through the given steps to hide your status in case you don’t want any of your followers to know your online access. In the same, you can even turn on in the Settings option, which also allows stalking your friends online status. So, keep in mind this tricks to disable Instagram activity status and make your Instagram access private like before.



How to disable Instagram Activity Status [Turn Off Show Activity Status in Instagram App]
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