How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android, Windows and Mac! [All Easy Steps]

Are you among those who are the regular viewers of Hotstar videos then you must also like to know how to download videos from Hostar. Here, you are about to learn the tricks on how to download Hotstar Videos using Android or PC. Before we start, let us have a discussion about Hotstar and learn what it really is. Hotstar is the most popular video streaming platform that is available on the internet. And the online streaming company is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. At present, there are more than 50, 000 hours of TV content and movies available in 8 different languages. Hotstar also includes each of the major sport covered to download hotstar videos

There is no doubt that people that love to stream video from Hotstar and be it on smartphone or PC. Hotstar uses its highly evolved video streaming technology on its website. This provides you excellent quality of video streaming experiences in your selected and on your support platform devices. Enjoy the video experience like anything else. Hotstar comes with seamless video playback options, smart search options, user-friendly interface, original contents, hot content catalog, etc.

How to Download Hotstar Videos? Steps for PC/Mac and Android

Most of the Hotstar viewer would love to download its videos on their PC or Android device. But unfortunately, you can directly download the videos and to make it possible you need to apply some tricks. And we are going to break down these tricks into steps for different platform devices. Below we are about to give you the steps to download Hotstar videos just follow the instructions.

Steps to download Hotstar videos on Windows PC/Android/Mac

In this section, we are about to provide you the ways to download Hotstar videos on your PC. And it is an application in several versions of Windows OS that includes Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and laptop as well. All you are going to need for that, one software and then use some CMD command. Follow the instructions that are suggested below in step-wise.

  • First Step: The first thing, you need to do download the “Hotstar Downloader” software that is called hotstarlivestreamer.rar file.   

[Click here to Download the file]

  • Second Step: Extract the file on your computer. After that open the extracted folder and then click on the file of hotstarlivestreamer.
  • Third Step: Now shortly you will notice pop-up of the command prompt appearing on the window. Just leave it the way it is.
  • Fourth Step: And then open “Hotstar” application to copy the video link that you wish to download.
  • Fifth Step: Into the command prompt of the window you will have to paste the link and hit enter.
  • Sixth Step: Mention the quality of the video by “typing d” and download the Hotstar videos.

And in this way, the selected videos will be downloaded on your selected PC. Find the extracted video file into the downloaded folder.

Steps to download Hotstar videos on Android or PC without using Software?

Yes, it is possible to download Hotstar video without taking the help of any video downloader software. It is the simplest method to download videos on your mobile or computer from Hotstar. Check out the steps as suggested below.hotstar video download

  • First Step: At first, open Hotstar application and then open the video that you wish to download.
  • Second Step: And then copy the URL of the selected video. After that, visit Paste the copied video URL. Hit enter.
  • Third Step: Into the next screen, you will be requested to choose the quality of the video. Choose the video quality and then click on to “generate download link”.

In a while, the download link to the video will be generated. And to download the video file, click on and get unlimited video downloads.

Steps to download video from Hotstar on Android device?

This method is an official process and is considered to be a legal method. And without any complications by using this method you can easily download video contents available at Hotstar. Here we are not about to download the video directly but you will be able to watch videos in offline mode.

And the process is almost going to be the same as if watching offline YouTube videos. So, let us get started to follow these steps as given below pointwise.

  • First Step: The first you need to do, download the latest version of the Hotstar application. After that the install the file on your selected device.
  • Second Step: Now open the video that you wish to download and confirm if there is download option or not.
  • Third Step: when you receive the download option you have choose the download option. And then choose the quality of the video.

In this way, you have successfully downloaded your favorite video from Hotstar on your selected Android Phone.

Steps to download Hotstar videos on Mac

Are you one of those Mac users who are having difficulties to download videos from hotstar? At that case, this method is most probably the best choice for you. Follow these steps as listed below accordingly.

  • First Step: At first, open the hotstar application and browse the videos that you wish to download.
  • Second Step: And then copy the url of the video from the hotstar application.
  • Third Step: After that, visit “” and paste the copied url into the website of fetchfile.
  • Fourth Step: And then click on the download video option and the selected video file will be downloaded on your device.

This method is not only applicable for Mac device but you can also use it on iOS device.

Final Words:

This is the complete information that you require to know about how to download hotstar videos. All the above-mentioned method works well and allows you to download nay of the videos. From now onwards you can download any video for free on your selected device platform. Now the time of video streaming using mobile apps or website has finally came to meet an end. Start watching unlimited offline videos instead of online videos from Hotstar by downloads them today.

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