Today we will sort out the most notorious question of Android users. Well, the question is HOW TO DOWNLOAD YouTube VIDEOS ON ANDROID DEVICE? And yes, here you will know how. We all love watching YouTube videos, don’t we? Be it latest music videos or viral videos, funny videos or reality TV shows, Short films or some DIY videos, everyone watches something or the other on YouTube. We access it through the web browsers in our PCs or even have the user-friendly app installed on our Android devices. How beautifully the app is customized in order to give us the real YouTube experience at our fingertips, isn’t it?how to download YouTube Videos on Android

But how many of us can watch whatever we want on YouTube, wherever and whenever we want, without worrying about the buffering speed or data charges/rates? I am pretty much sure not most of us have the benefit of Wi-Fi with a huge monthly data plan; rather, we end up depending on the cellular data that we use in our mobile devices. So sadly, the answer is “not many of us“.

Hence, comes the plan-B, the idea of having these videos saved in our storages (permanently) and watch them over and over again, and even share them with others. But how do we download YouTube videos to our Android devices? Stay put and read along to find out how.

How to download YouTube Videos on Android Device?

As we all know, that YouTube app doesn’t allow you downloading videos or allow you saving on your SD card. As an Android user, you can download it all the YouTube videos for free with and free YouTube Video Downloader. Want to know the app? Check out more in below;

TubeMate is an app for Android with which you can save YouTube videos to your devices for paying absolutely nothing. Yes, you’ve heard that right! Also, you have the full flexibility of choosing the video quality that you would like to save. This YTVD is the perfect example for those people who don’t know how to download YouTube videos on Android device for free.How to download YouTube Videos

Step1: Download and Install TubeMate app

So here, I’m going to show you how to download and install TubeMate and then later download YouTube videos to your device. TubeMate is not available in Google Play Store; hence, you will have to download the APK file from the link below:

TubeMate APK Download for Android

Once the APK file is downloaded you can install it manually by first going to:

  • Go to the device Settings. Followed by Lock Screen and Security.

Note: Option might vary from brand to brand.

  • Make sure the “Unknown sources” is checked. After which, you have a tap on the downloaded APK file and install it on your device as usual.

Step2: Download YouTube videos using TubeMate

Downloading YouTube videos using TubeMate is not that complicated and as mentioned earlier, you can choose the quality of the video that you want to download. Following are the downloading steps:

  • Tap ‘Open’ TubeMate and you will see the YouTube-like interface.Download YouTube Videos with TubeMate
  • Browse/search for the video that you want to download.
  • Or you can even select ‘URL’ in the top left menu icon and paste the video URL from your browser.
  • Now, as you watch the video (that you want to download), you will see a green ‘download’ button above it.
  • Tap it and you will see the app collecting the necessary information to download the video.
  • After which, you will be provided with a list of available video formats to choose from. You can choose the video format depending on your device’s screen resolution, your data plan and also the free storage available in your device. Remember, higher the resolution, bigger will be the video size.
  • Once you select the format, your video will download automatically. Downloading time will depend upon your internet speed.

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Once downloaded, the video will be in your device’s storage. So this is basically how to get your favorite YouTube video permanently on your device. Pretty much easy and convenient right! However, let me also warn you, as the TubeMate app is for free, be ready to deal with the clutter of ads and in-app promotions. Hope you come to know how to download YouTube videos on Android device for free. Let me know if you have any issue downloading videos from YouTube with TubeMate app.

How to download YouTube Videos on Android device for Free? Best YTD for Android!!
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