Play YouTube with screen off Android tips; today we will know how to play YouTube in background on Android. As this feature is not enabled by the official app. However, there are many useful play YouTube in background app, which definitely a great feature to have. This allows you playing YouTube videos in the background leaving the YouTube app. In case, you use an Android device then here is all about Android tips for playing YouTube videos in backgroud or while screen off.

is the largest online video stream website available on the internet right now. This platform has the huge number of video contents from audio video files to music videos and movies as well. It has earned its popularity across the world become the most visited and watched to play youtube in background on Android

Every day more than thousands of new videos are uploaded to the website and is watched by thousands of viewers. But it is not possible to run the YouTube videos in the background. Today you will learn the process How to play YouTube in background on Android using the YouTube background app. Also, see our related addtion for how to download YouTube videos on Android device to get any YouTube video on the go on the device.

There is some technique by applying it you will be able to play YouTube Videos on the Smartphone background. And it will allow you to play the videos on the YouTube channels similar to the music player on your phone. Below we have listed out the techniques following which you can easily run YouTube on your Android background.

How to Play YouTube in Background on Android Smartphone?

Yes, there are some useful apps that you might know, which you can use for streaming YouTube in background. So, I will be adding those apps and how to minimize YouTube video to play in background on your Android smartphone. Let us see all the possible ways to any of the YouTube videos and please make sure all every app and its steps are different. Check out to make it clear;

How to Play YouTube Videos on Android with FireFox Browser?

FireFox is an internet browser that supports multi-platform devices. Install the browser on your selected Android device. And then, it will give you the access to play online YouTube videos in the background. Follow the instructions that are given below in youtube with screen off android


  • First Step: Go to play to download the file of FireFox browser. Click here.
  • Second Step: Click on the Install button and wait for the file to download completely. And then after a while, it will get installed automatically. After that, you will receive notification when it says “successfully installed”.
  • Third Step: Now launch the FireFox browser on your Android, and visit the website of YouTube. And then you will notice it is in the mobile version.
  • Fourth Step: Change the mobile into desktop version, to do that you will have to tap on the three-dot of the browser. And then choose the option “request desktop site.”

Now you can easily play YouTube and play it in the background by minimizing the browser on your Android phone.

How to Play YouTube Videos on Android using Chrome Browser?

Chrome is one of the most popular and used internet browsers on Android device. In your Android, you must have this browser today and is free to download. With this app, you can play YouTube with screen off Android and saves your battery youtube with screen off android

  • First Step: Open the play store and type the name of the browser in the search bar. Or, you can click on this app download link.
  • Second Step: After you finished to download and install the Chrome browser on your Android. Launch it immediately on your phone.
  • Third Step: Now tap on the three-dot which lies on the top-most right side portion of the browser. And select the “Request desktop site” option which will reload and turn your browser into PC version.

After that visit the YouTube web page and search any videos to play it in the background on your Smartphone.

Play Background YouTube Videos using YMusic: Play YouTube in Background App


YMusic is an unofficial Android app available to use on your Smartphone. It is capable of playing any of your favorite YouTube videos in the background, and you can download the video files as well. YMusic has excellent features and that includes video playing in the background, supports many audio formats, search videos easily, browse trending and popular to listen youtube in background

Download YMusic

Play YouTube Video with Floating Video Players:


Playing the videos on YouTube in the background of your device, it is considered as going against the rule of YouTube background app And for that reason, you will not get any official application to download in Google Play Store. But one thing you will get and that is “floating YouTube players” which will provide you the access to play the YouTube videos. The screen of the video will be usually small in size and is resizable. And with this app, watch any YouTube videos on your Android phone screen and perform multitasking.

Play YouTube on YouTube Red: Best YouTube Background App

Do you wish to play and the YouTube videos online in the background of your phone? It is possible officially by making the purchase and subscribing to the YouTube Red. Know more in details about YouTube Red, it is an official and is a premium version of YouTube that comes with ad-free and video download features. Play an unlimited number of YouTube videos in the background of your Android screen.YouTube red for background playback

Final Words: Play YouTube with Screen Off Android Device

Here, you have learned the process about How to play YouTube in background on Android smartphone and tablet. Above-mentioned is the method by which you can run videos of YouTube in the background and perform multi-tasking. All of these tricks works accurately and is the best techniques we have come up with especially for you. So, Whats more? Play YouTube with Screen off Android device with YouTube background app and tips.

How to play YouTube in background on Android | Play YouTube With Screen Off Tips
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