How to record Computer Screen Easily [Using Free and Paid Apps]

If you have no idea, how to record Computer Screen then we have got everything covered for you. You can either capture the screen by using app that you already have or using other tricks. This idea will open more do more with your PC for your project and making the instruction videos.

Screen recording is a beneficial thing for those who have engaged in YouTube blogging or for the entrepreneur. And screen recorder is a great application for a PC gamer as they capture the videos for making gameplay to record computer screen

By using it, you can record any screen of your computer and make it a video be it webcam or others. Screen recorders software does not always come as inbuilt in any PC system OS. So, let us get into top

How to record Computer Screen? All easiest methods!

Perform screen recording with Apps or software that you have already installed on your computer. There are many apps available on your PC that you might have noticed could be useful at the time of recording screen. Below we have listed out the number of applications that gives you the features of screen recording.

1: Record Screen with PowerPoint

Yes, you read that right! There is a hidden feature in PowerPoint which you might not know or familiar with. The presentation software is involved with Microsoft Office 365, and the new versions of PowerPoint have the ability to capture screen. Now, go to the heading over to the Insert tab and choose “screen recording” option displayed with an icon recorder and screen.

how to record pc screen

After that, choose the particular portion of the screen that you wish to record. Now you can start the recording procedure at any moment you want for any duration of time. When you finish to record, save the video separately for getting an access or embed. And right after that, the edit and control functions will be set to limit of the video length. Note, it is an incredible option for fast and dirty recording especially at the time of creating a pending presentation.

2: Record Screen with YouTube Live Streaming

Hate wasting your time spending on recording videos but still want to prepare for your YouTube blogging. In that situation, YouTube brings to you the best solution and we will tell you exactly how. To record screen, first sign into your YouTube account and then go to upload. After that, click to “Get started” that is just below live streaming and select events. After that, choose “New live event” and fill the necessary information, click “Go Live Now”.best pc screen recorder

In a while, Google Hangouts page will appear on your computer screen. Now your screen is getting recorded both audio and video. After that, choose “Screenshare” and select a new desktop to start recording. And then select the “Start Screenshare” option by clicking on it followed by “Start Broadcast”. Now recording will start and stop broadcast when it has done and save your event.

3: Record Computer Screen using Time Player

Mac user can use the Quick time to record their computer screen. At first, Launch the Quick time and choose file and select “New Screen Recording”. And you will be asked to record your selected portion of the screen or full screen. Now click “Start Recording” to perform screen capturing and then save the file.

Record computer screen with free online software:

Record any screen from your computer by using the free app for blogging purpose or presentation. Below we have listed out several applications that can perform screen recording.

1: Bandicam

Bandicam is the best and lightweight screen recorder available for Windows PC. With Bandicam you can easily record any screen on your computer, 2D or 3D screen games and excellent video quality be it 4k HD and other video formats. It allows you to record external videos devices like webcam or smartphone or Xbox, computer recorder

2: Fraps

Fraps is a real-time video or screen recorded and is a free windows app. It is mainly used for checking frames per second while gaming and is enable with several screens capturing functions. To get the full features of the software you will have to purchase the premium version.

record Windows screen

How to record Computer Screen Easily with Paid apps:

Speaking of the paid screen recorder apps the most interesting thing about this one it has extra features. Here is the list of high-end screen recorder apps that is explained below.

1: Snagit

Snagit is specially developed for the beginners and come with lots of excellent features. It is the best choice for you to make videos for YouTube blog and many other purposes. Now create videos on your YouTube blog or for any video project the way you want it. reecord your pc screenAnd using this software, you can easily custom any images or videos, add effects and lots more. There are no limitations or restrictions to capture screen with Snagit software. The screen recorder software for your PC is available to purchase online at the amount of US$49.95.

2: Camtasia

Camtasia is the best choice to capture screen or record screen of your computer. You can record anything on your PC be it the whole screen of a game or selected screen size.

screen recording software

Easily edit your videos the way you want to. Either split the recorded video clips or trims the videos and increases the speed. By adding effects to the videos you can give a professional touch on the recorded videos. A free trial of the software is available online and to purchase it you have to pay an amount of $199.

Final Words: Record Your Computer Screen Now!

This is the complete information regarding the process how to record Computer Screen. Apply any of the processes that are mentioned above in details and step-wise. The other options are you can either use the free screen recorder apps or go for the premium version to get the benefits of full features. We believe that now recording any screen of your computer be it game or creating a project will be no longer any issues for you. Each of the software listed in this post works well and is rich in its features. We suggest you pick of these methods or app to record or capture your computer screen. You may also love to see how to download Voot videos on your computer, which we added recently.

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