Check out How to Schedule Messages on the WhatsApp messaging app. Knowing this feature you will never ever miss out any important message in a right time. Of course, it is pretty normal that we forgot to send a message to our friends and family on their birthday, task and in other special dates. And when we realize, it is too late; it also makes worse when you need to send an important communication to your office and you just missed out. Scheduling a message will ensure your message to get done in your directed time. Hence, I am going to discuss how to

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging App for a long time. And also the most important platforms as communication become easier with WhatsApp messaging features as we all know. WhatsApp helps its user to send instant messages, images, and photos. Now WhatsApp includes a tool name Schedule Messages which helps for automatic WhatsApp messaging as per WhatsApp users need. Schedule Messages allows its user to schedule future messages to users friends or family members or anyone else at any desired time. Just user need to select a contact, write messages and select date and time on which user need to deliver a message.How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp


How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp? Importance!!

Schedule Messages on WhatsApp reminds its user to wish best friends on their birthday. Also helps to send good night and good morning messages every day to close ones. Even helps to send a text to your girlfriend has reached home safely and keep relationships strong by sending Christmas new year messages. Simply it helps us to remind us during our busy work schedule to send needful messages to dear ones at desired times. In this article, we will describe How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp and its steps to follow.

  • Send messages in your own way with repeat option daily or weekly or monthly or yearly with schedule WhatsApp messages.
  • WhatsApp scheduler allows a user to sent messages at the proper time and date.
  • By using WhatsApp scheduler user can check status, modify and delete WhatsApp messages.
  • It includes backup functionality to sent messages if our apps fail to send due to any unknown reasons.
  • Whatsapp scheduler works on both rooted and nonrooted phones.

Apps to schedule WhatsApp messages

There are many Apps present in the Google Play store to use the scheduler in WhatsApp but it may harm your devices. We will let you know about to proper app for this purpose. Scheduler for WhatsApp and scheduler no root are two best popular apps for this function. For those who have rooted device can install Seebye Scheduler Root app.

see bye

Now according to your requirement you need to install the required app for Schedule messaging on WhatsApp.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android [Rooted]

Step 1: First of all go to google play store and then download and install Whatsapp scheduling app on your smartphone for Root device. Know how to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp app;

Step 2: Once the process is completed, open the app, now it will ask for user permission to proceed further.

Step 3: Now of all tap on the pencil icon which is on the bottom left after installation.

Step 4: Then you have to select between individual groups and WhatsApp group which will be followed by selecting the recipient.

Step 5: Now you have to select the date and time on which you need to deliver text messages, audio or video.

Step 6: And then you have to write the messages you need to send followed by frequency. A frequency of the schedule messages can be fix by daily basis or weekly or monthly or yearly basis.

If you want to remind someone of something every day then you would select a frequency of daily basis. Let your want you father or mother to take medicine at some proper time and you need to remind them each day. It would be very helpful.Schedule WhatsApp Messages Without Rooting Your Device

And that all, now you can schedule WhatsApp Messages from WhatsApp Scheduled task screen.

Note: It should be kept in mind that for the messages to be sent to user device must be unlocked and no screen lock should be enabled.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages without Rooting

Step 1: First of all go to Google Play store and then download and install Whatsapp scheduling app on your smartphone for without Root device.

Step 2: Once the process is completed, open the app, now it will ask for user permission to proceed further.

Step 3: Now of all tap on the ok option which will enable to schedule messages.

Step 4: Now you need to Tap on the “+” to create a schedule message.

Step 5: After that select recipient and time, and select frequency.

Step 6: Type your message you need to create for a scheduler.

Step 7: Once you have created it will get viewed on the scheduled task screen of WhatsApp. And the work is done.


Hence we hope this article will help you to find Schedule Messages on WhatsApp for sending messages with the help of How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp, alert messages and wishes on time for a smart mobile device. But we also recommend you to try all of this Schedule Messages App on WhatsApp once on your smartphone and we hope you will love it. Hope your search for best Schedule Messages on WhatsApp ends here. Do give us feedback and let as knowing your experience using Schedule Messages on WhatsApp.

How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp [Android without Rooting and Root Device]
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