To spot fake chargers of a smartphone is become quite complicated most of the times. If we use the fake chargers, instead of the original one, it may cause the battery to be damaged completely. This thing happens in most the mobile brands like Samsung, Apple, Mi, One Plus, Nokia, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo and many more. Sometimes it has found that due to the use of fake chargers, it really harm the users and may result in death due to battery blast. Recently it has seems that an incident in Chennai, a 60 years old daughter and her father of around 60 years got killed due to the explosion of the mobile charger.

As a result, it is very much risky while you use the fake chargers to charge your mobile battery. In many cases, peoples used to go in the market and buy a simple compatible charger at a cheap price instead of purchasing the original company recommended charger. Those chargers will surely charger your phone anyway. However, they are not capable to provide the actual out or take the actual input for charging the phone properly. Due to that misbalance in proper input and output power, the pressure got stored in the battery or the charging circuit that result in a severe accident in many cases. Here you will get know about the trick to spot fake chargers of Samsung, Apple, Mi, and other smartphones as well.

Trick To Spot Fake Chargers Of Samsung, Apple, Mi, And Other Smartphones:

In many cases, it has notice that many shopkeepers or the online e-commerce sites use to sell the duplicate or fake chargers to their customers. The overall physical look of the charger remains the same as in the original one. However, the internal parts quality remains very much cheap to get cheated and try to make money quickly. So let us have a look at the tricks to spot fake chargers of Samsung, Apple, Mi, and other smartphones too.

How to Check Fake or Duplicate Chargers of Apple iPhone?

There are a huge amount of fake Apple iPhone chargers are available in the market to sell by sellers. It is very much hard if you do not know the trick to identify fake and original charger. The original charger will have ‘Designed by Apple in California’ and the Apple logo will remain light. The overall build quality and the text printed on the charger will remain sharp and clear. On the other hand, the fake charger will have irregular text finish with cheap build quality. The lightning cable jack of Original charger will have a golden shiny slim pin and the fake charger will have a fade dark golden colored pin, which is also longer compared to the original one.

How to Check Fake or Duplicate Chargers of Samsung Smartphone?

The first key point to identify the Samsung smartphones original charger is the brand name printed on the charger. In fake Samsung charger the charger, the brand name will remain fade and less sharp. On the other hand, the text on the Original charger will remain clear and more sharpness as well. If it is written that “A+” and “Made in China” then the charger is fake. Besides that, always check for the ratings and the proper input and output with the part number written in the original chargers.

How to Check fake or Duplicate Chargers of Mi Smartphone?

It is very much simple if you want to identify the duplicate charger of Mi Smartphones. The original charger cable of Mi smartphone is not less than the 120 centimeters. If the length of the cable is less than 120 centimeters then it is duplicate charger cable. On the other hand, if the charger adapter is large and physical build quality is low than the original one, it is a fake one.

For the other brand of smartphone, you need to check for the overall build quality and the print of text in the adapter body. If they are not clear or the quality is dull then it is surely a fake product. Therefore, it is better to purchase the Accessories like charger or earphone from the genuine retail store of the particular phone brand. Otherwise, you need to take care of the above things to identify the fake and genuine one.

Note: Original Accessories Products always come with 6 months of official brand warranty.

Final Words:

Finally, we want to tell you that these are all about the trick to spot fake chargers of Samsung, Apple, Mi, and other Smartphones. Always be aware that you are using the genuine accessories for your smartphone. For every mobile brand, you should need to take care of the genuine chargers and the cables are attached while you are charging your phone. Hope the information provided here is helpful for you all to identify genuine chargers for smartphones.  If you are satisfied with this information then please share it with other smartphone users also.

Trick To Spot Fake Chargers Of Samsung, Apple, Mi & Other Smartphones.
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