I will tell you about how to turn off safe mode on Android mobile phone with much hassle. So without much delay let’s begin with the safe mode exiting process. But, before we take a step ahead lets us have a look at why you would suddenly find yourself in the safe mode even when you didn’t do anything to deserve this complication.

How to turn off safe mode on Android

Safe Mode on your Android device can be a whole lot more than just using it for customizing or rooting. As an Android enthusiast, there can be a lot you can do when you are in the safe mode of your smartphone. But what if you are amongst all the Android device user, who use it for simple calling and messaging purpose and you get stuck in the safe mode? If you have fallen victim to this common phenomenal that many Android device faces while browsing through the setting or simply because you’re pressed a key or two to see what happens or find yourself in safe mode suddenly (why I will explain later) then here your solution.

Why would you know how to turn off safe mode on Android?

All Android devices are programmed to move to safe mode in case something goes really bad with the device in terms of software (most common), or if any app or game that you have installed on the device malfunctioned/went haywire or in terms of hardware failure (rarely).

No matter what the reason might be it can be a pain in the butt to figure out the cause and turn off the safe mode on android mobile phones. So if you are stuck in safe mode, where are simplest solutions that will help you get out of the nerve wrecking situation even as a new or casual mobile device user.

How to Turn Off or Get out of Safe Mode in Android Devices?

Method 1: Shutting or Turning off your device? Removing the Battery?

This is ought to be the simplest and the foremost solution that anyone would try doing when they face any problem with their gadgets. So we will start off right here with trying to Restart your Device to exit the safe mode.

Well, to restart your device you can also try Removing the Battery Out. This works many times.

This method didn’t work? Well, we have more methods to help in how to turn off safe mode on Android, DON’T WORRY.

Method 2: Notification Panel to Exit Safe Mode?

Well, this might or might not work for everyone who is stuck in safe mode. But in the safe mode if you can find your notification center functional then you are in luck. I am saying this because, if you have your notification center working then you will also have an “EXIT SAFE MODE” option in the notification area.exit safe mode in Android

Still no luck? Okay, let us have a look at one more hardware solution now.

Method 3: Volume Down & Power button to Exit Safe Mode?

Hold the Volume Down and Power Button, sounds familiar? If you have tried this method because you saw somewhere you can start rooting or format your device easily or for any other reason and ended up in the safe mode then the vice versa can be your solution.

Simply shut down your device and Hold the Volume Down and Power Button this will help you if or not you have ended up in the safe method using this method.

Undoing what you did didn’t work? Well, let us have a look at more solutions then.

Method 4: Getting Rid of Apps?

Did you recently install any app before you device started crashing or turning to Safe Mode? Well if you have installed an app, especially if you have installed a 3rd party app then it is most probable that your device must have conflicted with the app. So I recommend that you remove any recently installed app (Probably the ones that you have installed recently).

Well, with this method coming to an end, your device should have been fixed by now. But if it is still turning its head away from you and is moving to Safe mode then it is the time that you know how to turn off safe mode on Android devices for good with this last method.

Method 5: Resetting your Device:

When it comes to resetting, you will lose all the data from your phone (remove SD or any external memory and backup any data if possible). Now go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Now click on Reset Everything or Erase Everything (which is available for you) and confirm it with a default password which would “0000”.

Conclusion: Exit Safe Mode on Android Now!

So these are the simple methods on how to turn off safe mode on Android mobile phones. If you are still facing any problem or if any of the 5 methods didn’t work then leave a comment below and we will help you out ASAP. I am pretty sure, it will be helpful to get rid of safe mode in your Android device and make it more convenient to use in most circumstances.

How to turn off safe mode on Android Phone – Top 5 Ways Explained
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