How to View & Download YouTube Video Thumbnail in HD

When you hover over the YouTube, you see may featured videos in there. YOu may type and search for the particular video to view on YouTube. Either way, you look for an interesting or worthy video to spend your time on. While searching for a video in both the ways, you rely upon many factors to pick the best video from YouTube. You may look for Titles, Pro Channel, number of views, etc. Did I miss anything? Yes, the thumbnail. ouTube may show you numerous video result on the topic you search for. However, you will click only on the video who’s thumbnail is attractive or make sense to you.

A video thumbnail is an image that shows up on the screen before you play the video. Its prime focus is to attract the viewers and convince them to watch the video. Literally, most of the thumbnails on the YouTube videos are great looking and you may wish to have those images or simply have a look at them. Well, I will guide you how to view and download YouTube video thumbnail in high definition.

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How to View & Download YouTube Video Thumbnail in HD

YouTube thumbnails can be viewed and downloaded easily in many ways. I am sharing the best ways to do it.

Method 1: Using YoutUbe Video ID

This is one of the best ways to view or download YouTube video thumbnails. Here all you have to do is copy the video ID and add it to the  URL



In the following example, the video ID is the last characters in Bold, that is eEBBu00G3Cw  –

Step 1: Copy the ID from URL of the YouTube video who’s thumbnail you wish to view or download.

Step 2: Replace the section ID in any of the below links below with the copied YouTube ID (eEBBu00G3Cw).







Step 3: Now search these URL on the web and it will open the video thumbnail.

Note: The among the above two URLs, hqdefault.jpg  will provide standard resolution image. And, maxresdefault.jpg will provide HD image. Here it is worth mentioning, not all the YouTube videos have HD thumbnail, but all of them has the standard ones. So, while using the maxresdefault.jpg link, if the page shows error 404, it indicates the video does not have high definition thumbnail image.

Method 2: Using A Web-Based Tool

This is known to be the simplest method to view and download thumbnail from YouTube video. All you have to do is copy-paste the YouTube video URL to the tool. Follow the below steps to utilize the method.

Step 1: Go to the here. In there, you will see a search box.

Step 2: Now copy the URL link of the YouTube video you wish to download and then past it into the search box the tool.

Step 3: Hit the “Enter” key and the tool will show you the thumbnail image.

Step 4: Now, right-click on the image and then click on “Save image as…

Step 5: Save the image with default name or rename it as you wish.

The image will be downloaded in its original definition. Whether the thumbnail is in standard definition or high definition it will save the image accordingly.


So, that’s how you can view and download YouTube video thumbnail in HD or in standard definition. I am sure these methods will work in downloading thumbnail images from YouTube.

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