Having a high-speed internet connection and still getting poor download speed in uTorrent? Some Torrent might get confused why such things happen when everything goes well but not Torrent download. In case, you want to know how to speed up Torrent download then you will be knowing some of the steps to increase uTorrent download speed easily. You should also read our recent post on KickAss Proxy Sites to download your favorite torrent files.

Torrent is being a great help for downloading big files(small as well) such as games, movies, zip files, videos, software etc. Besides you can download premium things for free by downloading all the things via uTorrent. So, if you also do the same, you might have faced some of the download files aggressively being download and some is another case.

speed up Utorrent download speed

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So, here we will be knowing most convenient ways to increase uTorrent download speed and make full use of your high-speed net. Check out how you can make it possible no matter what device you use, this uTorrent speed up tips would help anyway.

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How to increase uTorrent download speed?

Boost Torrent download by following the below recommendation for speeding up Torrent speed. Now, let us see all the easiest methods to get full thrust of downloading speed in uTorrent.

Method 1: Check If Your Internet Connection is Stable

Before opting for other methods at the very first check out if your Internet connection is delivering high-speed thrust that you expecting lesser downloading time.

boost utorrent download speed

Sometime it may be because of poor Wi-Fi signal and your PC or device cannot make full use of the speedy network. In this way, I would suggest you check Wi-Fi signal on your connected device and the network signal of Hotspot device. [Also have a look on Apps to Listen Music without Wi-Fi].wifi

So, if you think Wi-Fi is okay on your device or other downloads is being downloaded at full speed then check other ways to make it happen.

Method 2: Check Seeding Amount of the Torrent file

Now, this thing most of the uTorrent user don’t know that seeder is the most important thing to get increased download Torrent file. You might have seen different amount of seeders in the search result in different torrent files. The more seeds will give you the more downloading speed comparing to the lesser seeder. So, be wise to select while choosing the torrent file before you start downloading it.

Method 3: Boost Torrent Download Speed Avoiding Bad Peers Torrent File

Here again, this thing is important to note that peers of a torrent is important like Seeds. However, keep in your mind that the torrent file with more peers would have bad downloading speed. As the torrent speers are the rate of users, which get reported automatically when they face any trouble downloading the file, such as slow torrent download, error downloading the file or other.

Method 4: Manage Your Queue Of Torrent Download

Most of the time we can see one Torrent file is being downloaded at full speed but the others are not. This happens because this uTorrent take up a portion of Bandwidth. Downloading multiple files always a torrent file dominant; so, if you want increase uTorrent download speed then stop others files and let the single file to be downloaded.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Open uTorrent and go to the Options menu. Now click on Preferences.boost your torrent download
  2. Now tap on Queueing, put 1 digit in a Maximum number of active downloads box. So that, there would be only one active download and the only download will use your internet. Setting up only one active download link, click on OK and Apply.increase torrent download speed


Method 5: Maximize the Download Speed

In uTorrent, you have the option to increase download speed and many of its users don’t know it. Here are some download boosting tips that you can do in the uTorrent application. Now if you have an active downloading torrent file then follow the below-given steps as shown.

Step1: Right click on the active downloading file and move your cursor to Bandwidth Allocation. You can see the extended menu; now make sure High option is selected from the option. And again move your cursor to the Download Limited, where you have to select the maximum download rate.increase download speed torrent

Step2: You can also increase Torrent download speed by decreasing the upload speed. I have noticed by decreasing the upload speed of Torrent noticeably increase download speed of Utorrent. That is because the bandwidth doesn’t use any network thrust for uploading anymore, as upload part also kills network speed and decreases the download speed. So, set the uploading rate to a lower rate and if you don’t know how then see below given picture. Or Right-click on the active downloading file and click on Bandwidth Allocation. Go to the Set Upload Limit, and select the lowest upload rate.

faster torrent download

Method 6: Make Sure Your uTorrent Is Set On High Priority

Your Windows PC TASK manager also could the be reason for slower Torrent download. We download big files in with uTorrent and most of the time we keep it for background download. But the thing is that Windows Task manager actually decrease the performance of the application which stays background. However, I am not suggesting your keeping your uTorrent download all the without minimizing it. In fact, you can keep in the background your torrent download and follow the simple task to maximize Torrent download speed.


  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc altogether and Task Manager windows will be opened. Now find the uTorrent in the processing list then right click and Go to details.boost torrent download
  • Again right-click on the uTorrent, move your cursor to the Set priority and choose High.how to download torrent file in full speed

Method 7: How to Speed Up uTorrent Download Speed on Android

The good thing about Android is that it allows its user to use uTorrent and you can get this app in Google Play App Store. Now, if you wish to know how to speed up uTorrent dowload speed on an Android device then here I have found some useful tips for you. how to increase download speed in utorrent Android app

Please note that all the above methods are can be done in an Android version uTorrent app as well. As suggested always download torrent files with good seeder or avoid torrent file with higher peers. And yes, always download files one by one if you want to get better download speed rate in a single download file. Like in PC, you can also set Maximum download limit and minimum upload limit in the app preference.

Wrapping Up:

Even after having high-speed network connection if you seeing bad downloading rate then you might be needing this tips which I showed just now. These 7 ways to increase uTorrent download speed is going to make full use of your network speed. So, now you know how to make uTorrent faster; hope, these tricks for uTorrent speed booster. All tricks can be used on your Android and PC uTorrent application; thus, try getting maximum speed.

What’s Next?

Let me know if found useful these uTorrent Tricks by commenting in the comment box or if you know any other tips to speed up Torrent download.

How To Increase Utorrent Download Speed [Steps To Make Utorrent Faster]
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