The Internet is a part & parcel of this generation. Yes, with the internet we are getting connected every corner of the world and taking the other technological advantages. But do you know giving access to mobile, tablet or other internet running gadgets could decrease the exam marks of your children?

These days children are really into Smartphone and well aware of browsing the internet. If your kids own Smartphone or you give them very frequently then you are somehow responsible for their low marks. Mobile use affects long-term retention of us and this can be very serious to school going kids. So, it is high time to release your children from this bad side effect, if they are using mobile very frequently. Mobile use affects long-term retention

We have come to some studies, research, and reports, which will definitely stunt you. As most of we use mobile or Smartphone, tablet in our daily life, we should be aware of the side effect of mobile to kids.

Mobile Use Affects Long-term Retention – Study Claims Mark Goes Down by 5%

Yes, you are reading it right; from now you might be going to be strict with your children. From today you may not allow your kids using mobile or tablet for the nonacademic purpose.

From some studies, you might find useful tips to increase the exam marks with a practice. Recently a study by Educational Psychology claimed that academic children who are not obsessed with the mobile phone and attend classes get good marks in the exam. On the other hand, the same group of academic children with allowed mobile access gets poor marks then without any access to the mobile and the internet. So, the moral of the research says permitting the mobile access among academic children degrades the learning environment.

Not just this but there are several claims that are truly against allowing mobiles to the school goers. A report from the Rutgers University in the United States found that using electronic devices divides the attention of students. Precisely saying, it divides attention between the lecture during the classes and electronic devices like laptop, smartphone, and tablets. Hence, it decreases the performance of children in tests or

Allegedly total 118 students were part of this experiment for the period of their one-term course. In the study, they have found that another one term of course without any permit of electronics such as mobile, laptop and tablets score better. With the use of mobile and related electronics device can lower exam scores by at least 5%,  or more than this. Not just this, but this research says this over using electronic device can also degrade social skill of children.

So, you might have to be very clear when if your children overly using a mobile phone or not. You may consider them in a free time but it can seriously damage studying mentality of them if you allow them while the study session. Or if you are a school or college going then you should turn off your mobile, tablet or laptop in your class session.

Bad marks? Switch of your phone in class. Or if your kids are having mobiles then you must not allow them in school or college. As these researchers suggest, using the mobile or other electronic devices can ruin the environment of learning. However, if it is for studying purpose then it can be helpful. Well, there are many cons of using mobiles for any aged people. But if you really care about your exams and marks or if your kids are a frequent mobile user then you must stop if it is not for educational purpose. You will be reviving 5% marks or more by switching off your mobile or electronic device while your class or academic session.


Want to Increase Your Marks by 5%? Switch Off Your Phone Now
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