Instagram has launched their new feature in the mobile app to help the peoples affected by opioid crises. Thus Hash Tags supports will use Instagram captions to control opioid abuse. The app interface will allow you to reach every person who faces the problem regarding opioids. Currently, this feature is available in the United States and very soon it will reach to the users in the rest of the world. Before this support, Instagram has already blocked other hashtags, which are related to the drugs and opioids too. When the company saw that people make the misuse of hashtags by buying or selling the illegal drugs, the hash tags start to block by Instagram. However, Instagram does not automatically block all the hashtags.

According to the view of Instagram, many users use the hashtags to find the offer and support affected by the opioid crisis currently. The company also says that the new notification feature provided on the in-app surface with providing you the further future support as well. Overall this is a very advanced feature again introduces by the Instagram to control the opioid abuse with the help of Hashtags. If you also an Instagram user, then just wait for the time to get the update in the app on your smartphone.

What is new in Hash Tag Support by Instagram?

If we talk about the HashTags support by Instagram parent portal then the user can able to control the ongoing crisis of Opioid and other drugs as well. Besides that the Instagram Head of Public Policy, Karina Newton has said that in a statement – ‘People from all over the world use hashtags, comments, and more to offer support and find communities who understand the issues they may be struggling with.’ ‘The opioid epidemic is an issue that affects millions of people, and we want to use our platform to offer resources to those who need it – in the places where they are seeking help.’

The time when you will get some support, at that time you can search for hashtags like #uppers or #opioids. That means you will get support and search for those hashtags instead of watching the post, which is related to that hashtag. It is not sure until now that how much amount of hashtags are there that will cover the feature came in Instagram effects. However, they are planning to add more hashtags in time for users. You need to opt for the support and thus you will redirect to the new section i.e. Instagram help center. The help center will suggest you get free treatments, as well as other information related to your recovery. Instagram has also linked with many companies like NCADD, Partnership for drug-free kids, SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Final Words:

This is not the first time that Instagram is using the HashTags Services to help the people all around. Previously people use many other hashtags, which help them to get, recover from eating disorders, self-injury, and many others as well. Therefore, at last, you can say that this is helping the services provided by Instagram for all the Instagram users. If you are residing outside the United States then wait for sometimes and the new feature will update soon in your location too.


Instagram Took Initiative To Control Opioid Abuse Using Hashatags
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