On Thursday 6th September 2018, Instagram has introduced the new feature i.e. Super zoom effects with 6 new memes. At early, you can only able to use the Instagram Stories in a simple way compare to present features. From now, you can customize and make the Instagram captions Stories more dramatic. The most common reason for creating the Instagram Account is to post their memories and share with others as well. You can also follow your favorite one in the Instagram to comment in their post and share your memories with them. Instagram introduced the Stories option such that users can instantly post their status in form of photos and videos clips as well.

Now Instagram Stories has added new 6 Superzoom effects in the in-built Stories camera app. When you want to post a new story, just click on the story icon (Circular DP button) and the in-app Story camera will launch instantly. As we already told you that this is the inbuilt feature of the Instagram Story camera so you can avail those super zoom effects behind the Boomerang and other animations. Using this feature user can able to apply second zoomed in videos with more animations and sound effects as well. The meme feature is available in Instagram from last October 2017. Recently the inspiration among the users become high due to Instagram introduced 6 new supper zoomed memes.

What’s new in 6 Super zoomed memes?

After getting the new feature upgrade in the Instagram app, six new variations are available for every user now. In the newly launched Instagram story effects, you will get a big red X, Flames, Camera Flash like Paparazzi, and Cheesy type music. Besides that, the user can also view some animation-based Emoji, which is called as ‘bummer’.

This Emoji has the special feature like some of the black color leaves are falling against the soundtrack (melancholy). In your Instagram story, you can add those new effects to surprise others at the initial time. Overall, you can easily transform your stories more attractive than before while you apply those super zoomed 6 Emojis one by one there.

superzoom memes

One big confusion comes in the mind of users that some of the Instagram users will now get the update in their app. It seems that the update is not going live which is a quite typical moment for the users. However, the developer team has confirmed that there is no need to get worried as this feature will surely get live for everybody in the future. After releasing this news about the memes updates, the craze among the Instagram users become too much high. Therefore, you need to wait for the time until Instagram make this feature lives in your device too.

Final Words:

As this feature is completely new to all the Instagram users, this time to get proper updates will some more times for all. At the early time, the user can only post their photos to view it by the followers. Now you can able to post videos, photos, insert live status, start a conversation with your friends and followers as well. Another new feature added in Instagram is watching ITV i.e. Instagram TV from various public channels.  With the collaboration of all these features, Instagram becomes a very much popular Social networking app among every user from all around the whole world. If you are an Instagram user then must try to use the new 6 memes super zoom feature after getting this update live in your phone.

Instagram Introduced Super Zoom Effects With 6 New Meme
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