Recently Instagram has launched their new feature ‘Parent Portal’ on their official site for parents after the superzoom effects. This feature is available to access by all the parents such that they can teach their children and discuss the uses of this app. The all-new parent portal also helps the parent to go through the privacy settings, managing of account, take control of other social apps. Some teens are there who do not have such knowledge about the security and privacy of using the Instagram app. Thus, the parents will help them in knowing those accounts using various strategies.

Besides that, there are some other things available on the Instagram captions web which most of the teens have no idea about that. Those things include the knowledge of public account, private account, blocking of another account. Thus, the Instagram team has introduced this feature of Parent Portal, to start a conversation by the parents to their children. While you use the Parent Portal in your Instagram account, it will allow you to play the positive roles for suggesting something new to them. So start to steer the social media world through this initiative and help your teens to provide the necessary pearls of wisdom.

How to use the Parent Portal feature?

At first, we want to make sure that the Instagram mobile app will not allow you to access the Parent Portal. Thus, you need to connect your PC with Internet and open the official site of Instagram on any Web Browser. Log in to your account with all the credentials and open the settings where you will find the Parent Portal by linking your teen accounts. Some of the social media companies are also there where some of the pointers will definitely work to suggest something new for their children.

This new initiative by the Instagram will definitely work a lot for controlling the teens and children in using their Instagram account. Generally, all of us know that Instagram is only use to post stories, live status, photos and all. However, no there are many other important things available which you need to take care while using this app. If we talk especially about the teenagers, they do not look for the privacy and security setting which is most important while using social networking sites or app. You can also tell and make a conversation with your children about how to use the account in the safest way.

Final Words:

Finally, we want to suggest all the parents that it is all your liability to control your children’s account using the Parent Portal by Instagram. The mind of the teenagers is not so much mature that they will start to determine what is wrong or what is right. Thus, you need to use the parent portal to have a look at your child profile and set the privacy and security on them. You can also block the unnecessary followers or the accounts, which are waste enough to use. Without taking more time just open the visit the Instagram Web and start to use the Parent Portal such that you can prevent your children profile from transforming to the wrong side.

Instagram Launches Parent Portal Feature To Make It More Kids Friendly
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