All Instagram users are well aware of Instagram and it never tired of bringing a new feature to the app. Recently we have seen a big feature bump by the Instagram official. You might have come to know about IGTV (Instagram TV), which is a media streaming forum for Instagram users. Many tech geeks are saying this is the answer from Instagram for YouTube.

Additionally, Instagram keeps refreshing its feature to be the most exciting photo-sharing platform. Stories reactions also frequently keep changing to make it much more fun to use among the users. instagram ui change

However, Instagram never is always remaining the same in terms of the user interface with their intuitive feed. To keep the trending Instagram is bring some more features. Recently, in the Instagram beta app with build number They have swapped the profile icon in the DM option (Navigation icon). Yes, the direct message icon is now replaced by the Profile icon and the direct message icon now moved to the Profile icon in the last version.

Instant Access to Instagram Message (UI Changes)

It’s been so long Instagram didn’t change their interface, but now they may change a slight user interface. In the new Instagram, they have swapped the messaging icon with the profile menu. So, now you may see in a new interface in the upcoming Instagram update. But you can try it now by downloading the latest Instagram beta app. A beta version of this app, will let you accessing to the latest features or testing feature earlier than the public version.

This new swapped menu was found in the beta version and time may tell us, whether this new change will be coming to the version or not. But if you try it now then you can download it now and try out the new UI experience in the Instagram beta.Instagram app

Instagram has become one of the best photo-sharing niches. Its reason mostly for the easy interface and being intuitive. Making all the feature simple, Instagram is very fun to use among most online users. Features like instant Instagram History Clear is very easy to remove all your search activity, which is not that easy for most apps.

How to Join Instagram Beta Program?

To use and experience new features coming from the Instagram team, you may need to download the beta version of them. However, it may not be as stable version as the public version but if you wish then it worth trying the hot features. You can always be proud of using features earlier than your friends and tell them about it.

But if you don’t know how to be part of the Instagram beta program then no need to worry as we are going to show you the steps in below. The whole method is not complicated, just you need to do some little task.

Become an Instagram Beta Tester;

app store

  • Go to the Android Play Store and Search for the Instagram keyword in the search bar.
  • From the search result tap on the Instagram app.
  • Now scroll down and you will see a Become a beta tester, alongside it I’M IN button.
  • Tap on the I’M IN option and wait for a little while, you will become a better tester.
  • Now close the Play Store, and re-launch again.
  • You will see a note as You’re a beta tester and download the app.

Instagram is trying many features to add in their app but UI change is something new from them. If you wish, you could try by download the beta app following the above beta program joining steps. Do you think new UI change would be good for you, as new beta build suggest it may come with Swapped DM and Profile icon location for instant access to Message? Let us know what you think about it by commenting in below.

Instagram UI Tweak for Instant DM Access: How to Get It?
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