After five years of launching video on its platform and after launching parent portals, now Instagram start to test the video-tagging feature. Using this feature, the user can tag peoples in videos in the same way you can tag peoples in photos. Recently Instagram is testing this new feature in the mobile devices, which is running very efficiently to a number of users. Some of the differences are there if we compared it to the tagging feature of photos. In video tagging, the username will not appear and the peoples who are tagged in the video do not get automatically update on their profiles. Therefore, it is something limited if you think to get an auto notification after getting tagging.

According to the developer’s team of Instagram, it has been said that the testing is going in a very less quantity with a few numbers of users. Thus, the potential checking quality is not so much currently. Officially, this feature will be added to all after the system is implementing it to the main platform. At first, this testing stage is going on such that the company will improve the user experience in using their Instagram profile. As a result, Instagram is testing the video tagging feature and peoples will start to love using the Instagram more in the future.

What is new in Video Tagging of Instagram?

Now talking about the video tagging feature of Instagram then the feature is almost like the photo tagging of Instagram captions. But here you need to press the button top of the post to see the name of the tagged users instead of pressing on the bottom left. After tapping on the button, it will redirect you to the new page, which is titled as ‘People in this Video’.

According to it, the name of the person or the Instagram users appeared in this video will show and alert them in some any way. This feature will not appear on the top of the tagged user where the tagged user in the photo appears quickly.

Presently the video tagging feature is not appearing in the Instagram Web, and it is only available to users in Mobile version. As this is the testing phase of Video Tagging feature, thus there is no chance to share this test or discuss it to spread among others thoroughly. This is a very much rollout plan, which is not available to the user who currently not opted for a test by the Instagram Company. So this is a long lasting feature which is going to introduce by the Instagram team very shortly for all.

Final Words:

At last, it seems that the experiment is going under process.  Therefore, only a small amount of Instagram users are using this testing phase right now.  The Instagram Spokesman says, “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram like zoom effect on story and bring you closer to the people and things you love.” There are huge times available with the experts to test this feature before launching it successfully. They only aimed to explore and enable the better video tagging to get connect with the user through the Instagram interface. In addition, IGTV is also a new product of Instagram, which is used to connect a large number of group groups in a single video chatting session only.

Instagram Is Now Finally Testing The Video Tagging Feature
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