Let’s search for top best iOS emulators for Windows PC that will enable you using the iOS apps on PC or laptop. Yes, this is the article for the PC users and who wants to play iOS apps on their Windows PC or laptop. iOS apps emulator for PC or Windows could be a difficult term if you don’t know which one to choose. Well, Windows is an open platform, where you can find a good number of iOS emulators for Windows Operating System. Hence, I would like to include 15+ iOS emulators for PC or Windows on this page; hope, this emulates iPad apps on Windows running laptop or PC.best iOS emulator for Windows PC

iOS includes a massive number of decent apps in its App Store. Currently, iOS Store is the biggest app market, which makes the iOS operating system a strong platform to enjoy uncountable apps. Having an iOS device, you may enjoy its apps like gaming, photo & video editing, utility app, social network, entertainment, kids etc. There are no limit choosing apps if you have iOS device or iPhone/iPad but sometimes you may wish to use the iOS app on PC/laptop.

PC is always a better platform for playing games. On a high-configuration PC, we can play many intensive and immersive games without any issues. If I am not wrong, it doesn’t hold a massive number of applications to download compared to iOS platform. So, how about getting iOS app player or emulator? The iOS app players will turn your Windows PC/ laptop into an iOS device and will allow downloading and playing every available app in App Store.

Why iOS Emulators?

I already mentioned why briefly in the beginning, as you are going to use this on your Windows PC/laptop. Obviously, there are big advantages if you download or install an iOS emulator on a Windows running computer. Your Windows Operating System is already a powerful system, but having an emulator can be a great deal. Enabling emulators your PC will act as a dual boot PC. So, technically you can add App Store to your PC that means you are free to download all application from the iOS app market.

This is a cool idea when you wish to play an iPhone app on PC. Just launch iOS emulators and download any apps from App Store. So, it will turn your Windows PC into an iOS device, which is a cool trick that you can do with your a Windows PC. Just we have shown the way to download Mini Militia game for PC, which performs even great on the big screen than smaller screen of Smartphone.best ios app emulator for PC

To know more advantages of an iOS emulator, I would like to add crucial features and hope it will help better understanding about it.

  • iOS emulators can turn into an iOS device on your Windows computer. And yes, still you will be able to use all the Window features as well. Or you can call it dual-OS features, where you can download and install both Windows and iOS application with no issue.
  • Allows you to have app market for iOS on the PC and lets you download its apps. So, that you can play them on your PC’s bigger display. Well, it is an amazing deal for playing games of iOS platform on a big screen of PC/laptop and will become more immersive.
  • Millions of apps would be available to download on PC and install them without any issue.
  • For gamers, iOS emulators are could be a great choice, as playing the game on pc screen would become more immersive.
  • Some of the iOS emulators not only support apps from iOS market but also, online games with Flash and HTML5 are can be played. So, downloading apps not only the option to play games with these app players.
  • Just like iPhone and iPad, using the iOS emulators, a user can have multi-tasking experience with iOS emulators.

So, you can see how many advantages are there having an iOS emulator on a Windows running computer. Basically, you can create the same environment of iOS on Windows with these iOS emulators. Just you need to download any of the enlisted top best 15+ iOS apps emulators for Windows.

But before you download, you may need to know the downloading or PC requirements. It is important to know the requirement of your PC or else, it will going to be waste of time. Because iOS emulator and Android both need good PC or system requirements. If you expect to download and play all the available iOS apps on your Windows PC then you might look for the best iOS app emulator for your computer.

Please Note: There are also iOS simulators those are also can replicate some the iOS apps on your Windows/Mac PC. But this kind of system usually simulates only most common or popular apps from iOS. Simulators are not that powerful as emulators, as emulators mostly developed to perform the same system environment on a different OS Platform. Hence, downloading and installing an iOS emulator on Windows, it can perform iOS like the profile on Windows. And sure, Windows also remains to perform its system.

Common Windows PC Configuration Requirements for iOS Emulators

Also, keep in your mind that for download iOS emulator your Windows running computer have to match or will need higher configuration. I meant to say, look at the below requirement of PC for smooth experience after downloading and installing them.

  • RAM: Minimum 2GB RAM or more would be better.
  • Hard Disk Space: It is recommended to keep at least 4GB free HDD on your PC.
  • Graphics Memory: Al least 1GB graphics card would require playing iOS emulator on a Windows computer.
  • An updated version of DireectX9.0C or higher version is required and NetFramwork 3.5 SP3 or higher.
  • Windows Version: Windows 7 or later version are recommended.

So, these are the minimum requirement to install and play iOS emulators smoothly on your Windows PC. However, it is always recommended PC with a better configuration that minimum requirements. If your PC doesn’t meet any of the requirement then it will be wise not to download any of the below enlisted top 15+ iOS emulators that I am going to mention.

15+ iOS Emulators for PC [Windows Running] Run iOS app on your Windows PC

You might have gained a slight idea about these emulators and what it can do after installing those on a Windows device. Also, the decency of iOS app market; you might be interested in downloading those on the Desktop/PC. Let me acknowledge you getting the best emulator for your laptop or PC.

We have been with more than 15 emulators or used them on our PC in terms of finding the best emulator for you. No deny, not all of the available emulators are perfect but if we compare each-other definitely we can shortlist iOS app players for any Windows system. These all of the emulators picked by real-world usages and I have added its pros, which will be helpful to you finding the best one.iOS emulator for computer

Though most of the apps specialized for Windows PC but some of them also available for Mac devices. So, no matter if you are using a MacOS X running device, you will also find iOS emulators for Mac. And be ready to run your favorite iOS apps to run on your Windows or Mac running device.

As said nothing is perfect, same goes for iOS emulators but you can choose any of the enlisted emulators matching your personal preference. Now, if your PC has all the requirement that I mentioned then you can download and install any of the below-mentioned 15+ iOS emulators for PC.


Smartface is an iPhone app emulator that can be download on a Windows product. It can provide full iOS apps debugging support, which makes easier for an app developer to work with more flexibility. Smartface is a full-featured enterprise utility management platform for iOS apps and  Android app. Though it is a paid iOS emulator for Windows product, it comparatively comes at less cost with much strategic mobility solution.Apple emulator for PC

To create an iOS app or download iPhone apps on PC with the help of Smartface or as an app developer, it is a recommended emulator that you can download on your Windows PC/laptop.

Smartface Pros:

  • Contains JavaScript Library. There is also Single JavaScript codebase system to offer the generating apps.
  • iOS apps testing and debugging to improve app customization.
  • There is a WYSIWYG design editor to give better appearances of the apps.
  • Smartface comes with plugins support which allows extended app addition, enterprise plugins, and services.

iOS Emulator Spot:

This is one of my favorite iOS emulator for PC. The specialty of this emulator is that it can replicate the latest iOS 11. So, you can experience the new UI of iOS 11 on Windows computer. In fact, this also includes the new features and UI changes. There is also iOS jailbreak version of iOS emulator Spot. This adds the ability to have App Store on PC and easily downloading apps you will be able to play game/apps. This emulator is free to download and also easy to play iPhone app on Windows. So, download it now if you wish to replicate the latest iOS platform on your computer.iphone apps for PC

iOS Emulator Spot:

  • This emulator is updated to latest iOS 11.
  • Includes latest UI or iOS 11 interfaces.
  • It free to download.
  • Enables IPA file installation.


This name is one of the most used iOS app emulators for Windows PC. It specially replicated the iPad interface on your Windows PC and that is why it is also dubbed as the best iPad emulator for Windows. It can be installed on Windows 7 or later version. By replication the iPad UI profile on Windows OS, you can use many Apple features like Siri, TvOS, iWatch OS etc. You will also be available to send messages through iMessage.iPhone emulator for Windows

iPadian is user-friendly, which is why most of the people love to use this application on their PC/laptop. So, why late? Download this useful iOS emulator on Window and turn your computer into an iPad.

iPadian Pros:

  • It can run maximum apps from Apps Store. (Also depends on PC configuration)
  • Support TvOS, iMessage, Siri, and iWatch OS.
  • It is free to download and no hidden cost after installation.

iEmulator for PC:

This is the newest iOS app downloader for Windows PC and has received a significant response from its user. It uses the HTML5 framework for app designing. So, you can create some of the good apps with this app developing tool as an app developer; can test your apps. Yes, you can run most of the App Store on PC after installing on the PC. It uses the iOS 10 version o replicate UI on your PC screen. Besides, playing iOS apps on is even easier with iEmulator. So, playing iOS game on PC would be easier with iEmulator.iOS emulator for PC

iEmulator for PC Pros:

  • Can install both IPA file and apps from iOS App Store.
  • No special downloading permission needed.
  • Multitasking support.
  • No ads while rendering apps.


This is undoubtedly the best iOS app player on Windows that you can download and install. Using the App.IO, it can download any apps from App Store. The emulator is easy and intuitive to use on Windows PC/laptop. This emulates or replicates the interface of iPhone UI and lets you use iPhone apps on PC/Windows. For using the iOS app with this emulator you can even sync IPA file with it. So download it now and create the same graphical profile on the computer.emulate iOS on your PC

App.IO Pros:

  • Replicates the graphical UI of the iPhone and give you same experience on PC.
  • Runs quite smooth on most of the Windows product.
  • Online based iOS app emulator that can be run in native web browser.
  • It is free to use.

MobiOne Studio

It is a cross-platform mobile app developing tool for Windows and Mac. It simulates the iOS apps and works as an iOS emulator. Using the Cordova and PhoneGap open source framework, you can build iOS or Android apps directly on your Windows computer. By creating the same profile, you will be able to play iOS app on your Windows PC without any issue. This is also a free download cross-platform app development tool that you can use for Windows running computer.iOS apps on Windows products

MobiOne Studio Pros:

  • It is a powerful cross-platform app development tool for Windows and Mac.
  • Android and iOS app can be created with MobiOne Studio.
  • All the apps are based on HTML5 hybrid native app.
  • It is free to download on Windows product.

Air Emulator

Not emulator but it is an iOS simulator for Windows laptop. This is one of the favorite simulators for iOS UI replicating on a Windows PC/laptop. So, it means to offer graphical appearance like an iPhone device on your computer. However, most of the features are would not support with, as this is all about using iPhone apps on PC. You can download App Store apps with Air iPhone Emulator, so that, you can enjoy iPhone like feature on your computer.iPhone games on your Windows PC

Air iPhone Emulator Pros:

  • The user interface experience is quite smooth than any other existing iOS emulator available for Windows computer.
  • Allows adding the iOS app to the PC/Windows and allows smooth app playing with it.
  • All the apps do not support this app but the supporting app will run very well.


Appetize is an app that allows creating apps for iOS and Android on your Windows PC. So, if you are an app developer then you can download this tool. This tool is free for the first 100 minutes of a trial and after that, you will be paying $0.05 for each minute. In AppeTize, it can play most of the apps from iOS App Store, where you can even test your apps and debugging.iPhone apps on Windows PC

AppeTize  Pros:

  • Recommended app developing tool for iOS and Android.
  • It is web-based iOS emulator; so, you don’t need to download this on your PC.
  • Free for the first 100 minutes.
  • Can upload created app in cloud storage.

iPhone Simulator:

As of its name you can know it is an iPhone simulator for PC. This simulator can be used on Windows using Chrome browser. It can be installed for free of cost in Chrome browser from the Chrome extension store. The intention of using this simulator is quite simple, which allows using iPhone apps on Windows PC. Using the app is quite simple that allows replicating the UI without downloading on your PC. This is a cloud-based iOS emulator for Windows and runs smoothly without issue.Apple emulator for PC

iPhone Simulator Pros:

  • It is a cloud-based iOS app simulator, which can be used in Chrome browser or no download required.
  • Runs very smooth; however, most of the apps don’t support.
  • Clone iPhone UI interface and gives you the iPhone feel on PC.

Electric Mobile Studio for Windows:

This is a paid emulator that you can download for your Windows PC. Though it is a bit on an expensive side but iOS app user experience with it would be phenomenal. This is an app developing tool for cross-platform including Android and iOS. So you can test Android and iOS app without any issues. Or if you want, you can even create apps for both platforms with the HTML5 framework. Well, this app is well recommended to the app developers those who are serious about creating iOS apps.iPhone app emulator

  • Must have developer tool application for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Comparatively expensive but value for money for developers.
  • Play almost all apps from the iOS store.
  • Beta apps and apps debugging feature included.

iPad Simulator

This is similar to iPadian iOS emulator that clones graphical interface of the iPad. However, it is a simulator that can be used on any existing PC browser by adding its extension. So, it doesn’t need any application installation and high-end configuration. iPad simulator can explore most of the iPad features including Siri, iMessage, Safari and some other apps. The simulator user interface resembles iOS 10 and supports all of the supportive apps on the same OS version. iPad simulator is a free to download iOS emulator that can be used on your Windows 7 or later version. So, if you want to experience iPad like UI in Windows system then here I recommend you to download.Best iOS emulator for PC

iPad Simulator Pros:

  • No download needed, it is a web-based iPad emulator on PC.
  • Can play most of the default iOS apps.
  • Clone the exact UI of iPad.
  • iOS game runs pretty decently on iPad simulator.

Xamarin Test Flight:

This is another well-known iOS emulator for Windows computer. By downloading and installing Xamarin Test Flight emulator, you can install IPA file. Also, you can download apps from the included App Store and adding iOS apps to Windows PC, a user can play the apps on bigger display of the computer.

Actually, this is app developing tool that can be used on PC. You can create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android. App testing can be done with this app. It powerful enough to run most of the iOS app on your PC. So, if you looking for the best iOS emulators for PC then it should your one of choices.iPhone emulator for Windows

Xamarin Test Flight Pros:

  • This is cross-platform app developing tool for Windows, Mac, iOS etc.
  • App test and the debugging test can be done with this emulator.
  • iTunes can be accessed with Xamarin Test Flight.
  • Can replicates iOS 10 and play all supported iOS apps.


This emulator is among the top rated iOS emulators PC that have grown steadily soon after its release. Unlike other developing tools it also can be used for creating new iOS and Android apps on your Windows device. So, you are free to download the iOS app in this application. Not just this, you can play most of the existing App Store apps with this emulator. The performance of playing apps is also good and quite satisfying even on the mediocre computer. It can be used on your PC with Chrome browser by downloading its extension from the Chrome Extension store.iPhone app emulator

Ripple iOS Emulator Pros:

  • This is a web-based iOS emulator, which can be used in Chrome browser.
  • Now download it required.
  • App playing performance is satisfying.
  • Can be used for app testing and creating new apps for iOS by the developers.


So, do you want to download iOS game apps on your PC? Imame iOS emulator for computer is a dedicated emulator for the games. With the help of this emulator, you can play most of the iOS game on your Window computer. Play iOS games on PC and make your gaming experience more enjoyable with plenty option from Apple App Store. All the iOS 10 game can be downloaded and can be played in Imame game emulator. So, why late? download it now and get ready to play games from App Store on Windows.emulates iOS app on Windows PC

Imame iOS Emulator Pros:

  • Allows downloading most of the iOS 10 supported games on PC after installing iMame.
  • Design to operate iOS games on Windows PC.
  • It is free to download on a PC.
  • Hassle free operating experience.


This is an online iOS emulator for free that doesn’t require download but can be used in the browser like Chrome. It allows loading iOS app on Windows PC in the Chrome app. This online emulator is free, which let you resizing the apps’ screen size. This free iOS emulator only replicates the appearance of your iPhone device by synchronizing to the PC. This simulator is actually for some of the iOS games that you will be able to online using PC browser. You can play games online without downloading them on your PC but connecting via the internet.iPhone emulator for Windows

Transmog Pros:

  • It is a free online iOS emulator for Windows and Mac.
  • App screen size can be resized in Transmog emulator.
  • The download is not required is a web-based emulator.


This iPhone emulator is well-known for its seamless performance over playing app from App Store. This comes with inbuilt App Store, which you need to sign in first with your Apple ID and then you can explore millions of apps from the store. The new updated version of this application gets new features and bug fixes. This iOS emulator for PC is easier to use on a Windows PC, which creates the same profile of iOS graphical interface on a Windows.iOS emulator for Windows PC

iDOS Emulators for PC Pros:

  • Can run most of the iOS apps without any issues.
  • It is free to download an emulator for Windows OS.
  • Replicates iOS 10 UI and its all supported app.
  • Multitasking option is there, which allows running multiple apps at the same time.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Well, I cant say it as a dedicated Apple emulator but all game like GBA created by Nintendo could be played with this 3DS emulator. In 90s Nintendo classic games are popular like anything and still, people love to kill their time playing them. So, if you want to play the same then you can install Nintendo 3DS on your Windows PC and then get all the GBA games like apps from App Store. Recapture the classic game with this emulator and you will be able to play those classic games on your Windows PC.iPhone emulator for Windows

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Pros:

  • Enables storing Nintendo GBA games on Windows PC.
  • Free to download, which is developed by Nintendo itself.
  • All the classic game from App Store can be restored on Windows after installing Nintendo 3DS.
  • Specially designed for games.

Last Word:

Downloading Android app on Windows and running with Android emulator is quite easy. But now, you can also install any iOS apps on Windows PC, with the help of best iOS emulators for PC. Yes, iOS emulators are a bit complicated than Android emulator but by this time, some of the best iOS app players are available as well. Those are easy to use and run seamlessly on PC without any glitch.

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So, from these top 15+ iOS emulators for PC Windows, you can download on your Windows computer. Choose any of the iOS emulators that I have enlisted matching your personal preference. Start using iOS apps on your Windows or Mac product and experience apps on a bigger display of PC. These are all chosen by after real-world experience, which I have added its pros and hope, this will assure you getting the best iOS emulator on Windows. So, if you were wished to run iOS or App Store apps on your laptop or PC then this should help you a lot. Not just one but you get plenty option to download from the list.

Do let me know if you have used any better iOS emulator on your Windows PC or for any suggestions drop a comment here in the comment section.

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