Have you ever wished for having Dual SIM feature in your iPhone? A rumor might attract your interest. In a report hinted from 9to5Mac claimed the upcoming iPhones may support Dual-SIMs. While it been a decade Android users are experiencing this amazing feature on their Smartphones, iOS users are still bounded to use single SIM on their iPhones.

IOS 12 with dual sim support

Well, in the recent report there are multiple references to second SIM status and second SIM tray status. It was found in the generation of the diagnostic report in the recently released iOS 12 Developer Beta. It suggests the native support of dual SIM in upcoming iOS devices and Apple already making its iOS ready for it.

Apple is Preparing Dual-SIM Feature for Next iPhones | New Rumor

This report from 9to5Mac might give oxygen to the iPhone lovers. This would be a game-changing feature from Apple iPhones. Dual-SIMs enabled devices are quite useful to maintain two phone number in a single handset. This feature is one of the most wanted features by the most iPhone users and Apple may come with dual supported iPhone device in the future.Iphone dual sim

Moreover, a component within the software is referred to a dual-SIM device and makes much more clear that next iPhones might come with a dual SIM variant. If this report comes true then it would be the first Apple iPhone to feature Dual-SIM support.

Here you can see a leaked image of a generation of the diagnostic shared by 9to2Mac. In here you can clearly see the details. Two status is found in the report with secondSimStatus and secondSimTrayStatus. This report suggests maybe Apple is planning is cooking a dual iPhone. Well, may not be the next upcoming device or time will make it clear.

Till now it is a great news for iPhone fans, where they can have this most awaited feature in iPhone. By adding this feature to iPhones, Apple could increase its sale, as some of the smartphone users are not okay with the iPhone being single SIM. Now if they reveal this for Apple could see a rise in their sale and most of the iPhone would be happy about this news.

Dual SIM iPhone

image source: 9to5Mac

Dual SIM one of the major reasons where it sold in large number across the globe. Dual SIM is the main factor for high sale in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and so on. Top Android mobile manufacture is also adding this feature from the last decade. Almost every Android devices from entry-level to flagship level offers does come with Dual SIM feature and they know users are really into this feature. Hence, Apple also may try to push this feature on their upcoming iPhone

This may come in another one generation after the upcoming iPhone X Plus coming this year. So, it is too early to judge this rumor but as we can see with the latest iOS Dev Beta 5 Diagnostic report, Apple may be cooking this feature for their future iPhones and making iOS 12 ready for it. Also, seeding feature in iOS 12 could be another reason to include this feature in the next iPhones this year.

So, what you guys think about this new report and will Apple add this feature to their next iPhones? Let us know what you think regarding this new rumor, as Apple always implement a feature to their device which has high potential and well tested. So, now it is might be the right time for the iPhone to bring this feature for their users. Comment below sharing your thoughts in the comment box.


iPhone Dual SIM: Is it Really Coming? Everything You Need To Know
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