Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks List [Updated List]

Using an iPhone then you probably should know hidden iPhone Secret Codes list. We use our device, for general purposes only, and most of us don’t even know that iPhone carries some amazing secret codes. iPhone is one of the biggest names in Smartphone industries. So, if you are also using an iPhone then you might be aware of these iPhone secret tricks. These secret iPhone codes can be used in dialer app, and you can get many hidden information of your device. These iOS secret codes suitable for any iOS version.

iPhone Secret Codes

So, open your iPhone dialer app, and enter the mentioned iPhone hidden codes. Every code has specific information representation and I will list download all of the available secret codes and iPhone codes to unlock. Recently I have written one article on How to enable iCloud Music Library in iTunes which you can also check out.

Hidden iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks 2018

So, here now you can find the top iPhone secret menu. These codes are updated with the iOS system and will give you exact information from your system. Let us concern the hidden iPhone secret codes and hacks 2018: 


This hidden code of iPhone is to check connected presentation line on your device. It will show you whether it is enabled or not. This code needs to be dialed in iPhone dialer app and will pop-up information about the network.

Calling Line Presentation

Calling Line Presentation is the mobile number configuration that helps to show your mobile number to the person you call. Sometime it may not show the person you call if it disabled. You can check your device Calling Line Presentation number by calling *#30# from your dialer app and you can check its status. So, tis is another important code to iPhone secret codes unlock trick.

*31#customer mobile number

This secret codes for iPhone is to hide your caller ID. Putting *31#mobile number will hide your ID while calling and represent you as No Caller ID or Unknown to the number you call. So, if you want to hide your ID whom you call then just add *31# before the number of them and you will call them anonymously.

hidden iphone codes to unlock

Well, *31# is common for the most country but in some country, this iPhone secret code may vary.


On your iOS device or iPhone dial *#61# and this will pop-up all missed calls happened on your iPhone device. By dialing this hidden code for iPhone which will show last 5 missed calls. So, it will be easier to know your all the missed call on your iPhone or on any iOS device because you don’t get the specific feature to check all of your missed call on your iPhone in the dialer app. Dial *#61# from the app and know every missed call that you got past moments.

Call Waiting

With the help of iOS secret code or USSD code shortcut. This makes easy access to the Call Waiting configuration. If you don’t know the current Call Waiting status of your mobile number then you can dial *#43# via dialer app. To activate Call Waiting for your number just *43# and to disable call it dial #43# and call.


Sometimes mistakenly SMS center number can be removed from your iPhone device. To check SMS center number dial *#5005*7672# and immediately get the SMS center number. This will pop up immediate SMS center number from the service provider, which you can add to the SMS center number. Just go the SMS Settings and Message Center and add the number that you get from the Secret Code for SMS center.


If your iPhone call forward option is enabled then you can turn off it. Simply dial ##002# in your dialer app and your call forward feature would be disabled on your iPhone. This can be done in iPhone Settings but it is more simplistic doing with USSD code. Dial it from the dialer app and call forward feature will be deactivated on the go. So, please note this iPhone secret code for Call Forward and enable or disable this feature.

Know iPhone IMEI Code

For many courses, IMEI code is a need and when you need it you can dial *#06# from your device. Immediately it will show you up the IMEI code for your device. IMEI code helps to know your device status, brand name, model, and even the iPhone device warranty can be checked. So, if you didn’t know the process to check this code then just dial it from the dialer app and get IMEI number for any purpose.


This secret iPhone code is to block the lock code and can also request for the callers’ information from the network operator. This is a unique feature that allows knowing unknown numbers on your iPhone. By requesting the callers’ information, you will get the general information of the caller. This hidden code also country-specific, it may not work in some country. If you want this feature then try dialing it and know whether is work or not.


This is another secret codes to check iPhone. By dialing this code will bring field mode. In here you can check out cell information, newest network, and Phone personal setting status. This will give iPhone device field mode settings only or nothing can be changed on this page. However, it is always a good to know device status then change it whenever there you need to change. Simply, dial *3001#12345#* from your iOS running device to bring field mode and know your iPhone status.


To check whether outgoing call barring is turned off or turned on, which includes all its general configurations such as voice call, SMS, Fax, information etc. Also, you can check call control bars simply dial *#33# from your iPhone dialer option. Call Barring may not work in some country or your operator may not work; so never expect much from this hidden iPhone codes to unlock a feature.

Final Words:

So these were the hidden codes of iPhone which you can try on your iPad or iPad. It will work on most of the iOS versions; try these iPhone hacks and hidden codes now on your device any of the required iPhone hidden features. Or you can save this page, as you cant remember all of the iPhone secret codes list; so, you can use these codes anytime you want.

Please, not that, some of the codes may not work in some country; so never expect much from these tricky codes. Let me if you know more useful besides these hidden iPhone codes and for any suggestion leave a comment in the comment section.

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