The brand new Galaxy Note 9 is the Samsung’s top performer line-up. This most anticipated device from Samsung is the best device users can get now. It may be the company’s best performing Smartphone but in a technical score, iPhone X beats the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This score may not help the Samsung fans, as one year’s old iPhone X outperforming in the Benchmark test. Soon this new Note 9 will hit in the market but this new Benchmark may not impress most of its fans, who were looking for this device to buy.

Samsung released three new product, one of them was predicted but not the other two. After many rumors and leaks finally, this South Korean giant shuts all of them. This new big device from Samsung does hold bigger features than its previous. Not a big change in terms of design and look but gets a refreshed feature updates.

iPhone X King Performer – It Beats Brand New Galaxy Note 9

With many changes in the features, Note 9 is a welcome edition is specs. However, those who are looking for a whole new design and revolutionary change, Galaxy Note 9 wouldn’t make you happy. Not just this but new Benchmark test by Tom’s Guide is more painful for Samsung and its fans.

Of course, anyone who follows the smartphone benchmark test they might want to know how this new Note 9 perform among than the others. Unlike before the Note 9 will be in the market with two variant chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Companys own Exynos 9810 depending on the market. Two RAM variants with 6GB  and 8GB RAM, which will come with 128GB and 512GB storage option.

Though, it packs with flagship chipset from Qualcomm and Samsung. Also, 8GB RAM didn’t help the brand new Galaxy Note 9. The benchmark in all tests are surprising; Geekbench 4 is widely viewed for overall performance, where all new Note 9 scores 8,876 on the test. On the other hand, iPhone X scores 10,357 on the same test.

iPhone x vs galaxy note 9


It is pretty common that it will have all the flagship level features, this line up also being called a powerful device from Samsung. Till date, there were many rumors about this device but Yesterday they’ve made all the rumors clear for who are waiting for it. The all-new Galaxy Note 9 packs will all latest feature. It is the company’s first device to have a large battery capacity. This new flagship does come with a 4000mAh, which stated to offer one-day battery life in the launch event.


Now the Galaxy Note 9 is slightly bigger and thicker because of the higher battery capacity. But the weight of it still well-balanced with a 201g. It sports a super AMOLED capacitive touch display. The display size is now 6.4 inches with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.  Like its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also protected by IP68 rating. Not just the Galaxy Note 9 was released in New York launch event but Samsung brought new product line. Yes, unlike Apple Homepod, Samsung also has brought the new Galaxy Home Speaker.

note 9

This is the direct competing answer from Samsung for Apple Homepod. Also refreshed Galaxy Watch with two size variants was revealed in the launched event. However, Galaxy Home and Galaxy Watch weren’t expected in this event, which was a surprise from this South Korean Tech Giant.

The big surprise is that the year’s old iPhone X outperforming brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This may not be the best news for Samsung fans. Yes, technically in Geekbench test Note 9 failed to impress but in real-world performance, it may vary. Of course, for a slight difference of benchmark wouldn’t make big difference in real-world usage. Till then we have to wait for the real world test and will let you know how good is Note 9.

iPhone X Outperform New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Check Benchmark Score
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