There are many rumors for a larger display iPhone in this year launch. However, no any strong proof for any rumors but a new leaked image seem reliable. This is true that Apple is preparing next-generation iPhones. Like every year, new iPhones also will be launched this year fall, in September.

The latest leaked image would give the best confirmation about upcoming iPhone X Plus. Yes, in a recent update of iOS Developer Beta 5, Apple firmware reverse-engineer Guilherme Rambo found a new leak about iPad.iPhone leak

Guilherme Rambo twitted a design concept of upcoming iPhone X, which may feature a 6.1-inch display. However, with the shared picture, the design concept is totally same with iPhone X. This will still feature a notch with the same ration for the infrared 3D facial scan.

Larger iPhone X Plus To Come With Same Design [Latest Leaked]

iPhone launch date is not that far, which will be revealed in next month (September) and this why rumors are increasing every day. A reliable indication has been found by an Apple firmware reverse-engineer.

In the recent iOS 12, Dev Beta 5 rendering dual SIM iPhone has become another hot news among tech republic. While many rumors are cooking for Apple upcoming launch or products, larger iPhone X Plus seemingly confirmed by a leak in iOS 12 beta. So, besides every leak, this new leak is all about iPhone X Plus design concept and nothing much.iPhone X leak

The new iPhone X Plus may have the same design but will feature better performance. All of the next iPhones will come with iOS 12 public version. This is not the first time Apple has accidentally leaked an iPhone design. Last year, iPhone X also leaked through a firmware icon. So, this new render may come true in the launch event but for now, we cannot guarantee the next iPhone X Plus.

Additionally, in the leaked image iPhone X Plus seemingly having a customary lock button, which is located on the right side. This image also clears, iPhone isn’t getting button-less design anytime soon. For that, iPhone fan might have to wait for another generation.


Well, these are rumors but as this leaked image is from an iOS developer then we could take leaked image seriously. So, Apple will be using the same design for its iPhone X Plus and maybe for another year as it used to be in the last generation. What do you think this leak is reliable or not? Also, let us know are you would be happy with the same design in iPhone X by a comment in below.

Latest iPhone X Plus Leak: Seemingly Confirmed Design & Concept!
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