This list of best 2018 Kodi Addons you will get to choose from a wide variety of Kodi add-ons like Music Videos, TV, Radio Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, weather and much more. So, if you have Kodi on your Firestick, Chrome book, Mac or any other device and you are dealing with obsolete Add-ons then this list of best Kodi add-ons will definitely help you out. With millions of downloads, you can be sure that you will surely install all these top 15 Kodi Add-ons that we are going to discuss right here.


One of the best parts of these Kodi Addons is that they are all for FREE. Yes, you heard it right, all the Kodi Addons that you will come across here will be for free. So with Kodi, you will be able to access to all these amazing Free Addons where you can enjoy premium contents like Music Videos, TV, Radio Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, weather etc.

Also, you will be happy to know that, all the Kodi Addons that will be mentioned here will be active and updated on a regular basis. So, you won’t have to face inactive Addons which gets banned or gets inactive after a few days of download. Without further delay let us have a look at our exclusive list of free Kodi Addons for free contents.

How to Install Addons on Kodi?

If you want to browse through the add-ons, you can go to “Install from repository” and then you will need to go to “Kodi Add-on repository” and then you can start browsing through the category.

There are a wide variety of Addons that you can get for Kodi depending on the type of entertainment you want on your Kodi app for example if you want to have free movies then you can go for Exodus on Kodi extension. Basically, you can get add-ons on Kodi for Music Videos, TV, Radio Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, weather and much more.

kodi addons

Now if you want to install an Addon, for example, if you want to install the YouTube Addon on your Kodi then here is how you can do it easily. Simply follow the steps that are provided below:

Step 1: First, go to “Install from repository” and then you will need to go to “Kodi Add-on repository” and then you can start browsing through the category. Here in the Category select Video Add-ons.

Step 2: Now in the Video add-ons section, select YouTube.

Step 3: After selecting YouTube, click on enter and you will get a popup notice to start the installation process.

And this is it, if you are looking to install YouTube or any other Add-on on Kodi this is how you will need to install them. Next, if you want to choose to download any of the add-ons like Music Videos, TV, Radio Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, weather etc.

Now that you have installed an Add-on, you will now need to know how to configure it. So here is how you can configure your Kodi Add-ons.

Configuring the Kodi Add-on:

All the add-ons that you get for Kodi will let you configure the add-ons as you like. For some Add-ons, you will need to create accounts and for others, you will need to simply install them to start using. So let us have a look at how you can configure the Add-ons as you need. Simply click on “S” on your keyboard to launch the configuration option and follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: First open the settings by clicking on “S” on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now, click on Setting and you will be in the Add-on setting option.

Step 3: Now, depending on the Add-on that you are using you can start customizing the Add-ons.

We will not talk about any Add-on in specific as different Add-ons will have different settings. So, with that being said, now you are ready to Install and customize all the Add-on that we will be talking about right now.

List of best Kodi Add-ons:

1. FANTASTIC – This brings some new categories which cover curated subcategories, animated movies, and specific themes. And offers a plethora of TV shows and movies. So if you are a movie lover then it is worth having Fantastic. This is not a new Addon but as we are talking about a new version which comes from a new developer, therefore, it deserves its place here.


2. URANUS- Uranus has Trakt options, many TV shows, and movies also. And you will get a list of links on the side of the select from. And if buffers go further down the list of links and it kicks back to the menu then this Addon will help you to get another one which will be good for you to play as the other Addons do. This is from Griffin Repo which is located at the Blamo URL and a new Addon of 2018.

3. NEPTUNE RISING – This is one of the favorite Addon between many and other working add-ons which are currently active. This Addon has been updated with more features and is a great plugin for Kodi users. Neptune rising can play TV shows and movies which are pulled in many links with constantly updated code. This is the best video Addon from the Blamo repository.

neptune rising

4. THE MAGIC DRAGON –This is one of the popular and you can say all –in –one Addon and it is from Supremacy repository. And the sections which you can get with the Magic Dragon are including TV/entertainment, Catch up TV, Documentary, Music, People watching, kids, sport, Radio and many more.

5. PLACENTA- Here is another Addon which was launched by MrBlamo which is a great Kodi video plugin as well. A placenta is a good option for Covenant/Exodus and you can get more links and options with this. And the TV shows and movies placenta has are coming with code which is constantly updated so that things can be fixed if it crashes.


6. MOVIE THEATER BUTTER- Movie Theater butter is an Addon which plays streams with One- Click and is a great replica option for of the Incursion Addon with the latest codex and updated links. This is a new One-Click Kodi video which is from Diamond Wizard Repo. So you can say that it is a nice update to any old Addon and it is working very nicely.

7. SKY NET-SkyNet works in a great way and this Addon is from Maverick TV. You can get a section with this Addon which makes it amazing for TV shows, movies, sports and many more. Including Supremacy and Maverick TV, It has also combined many top Addons into one place.


8. TUBI TV – This includes the sections of Most popular, search, Reality TV, Featured, TV shows, Stand up, action, comedy, New releases, Recently added, Comedies, Not on Netflix, Action, Drama, Leaving soon and many more. TubiTV is from BG Add-ons Repository which as a Kodi video works very well and very fast.

9. AT THE FLIX-This Add-on helps to update and play contents automatically and even gives the options to play HD and SD streams depending on your internet speed. This is a Movie add-on from Maverick Repository. With this, you can get many sections which include Genres, Box- sets, Movies, TV shows, 4k UHD, Sports and many more.


10. EYASSES- This Addon includes sections like Movie Hub, Anime, Fitness, Horror, Audio Books, CCTV, Documentaries, Cooking and many more. This is a Kodi all in one Addon from Aj Builds Repository which is with something for everyone. The links available here are one click to play and can play automatically.

11. GALAXY – Galaxy is currently pulling in many links and it is a great replica option for of Exodus / Covenant with the latest codex and updated links. This is a great Kodi Add-on for videos which is from the UFO Repository. This includes the sections like TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, Channels, Tools and Search and many others.


12. EXODUS VERSION 6.0 – This has occasionally been receiving prior updates from Kodi Add-0n enthusiasts which has been most recently updated to 6.0 version. But the original creators have stopped maintaining it. Exodus is the once popular Genesis Addon and is a great replica option for which plays TV shows and movies that are also in a well laid out format.

13. DEATH STAR- This is totally one of those latest Kodi Add-ons which combines some of the of the best Kodi and other popular Add-ons right at your reach which includes Expose, M. E. T. V, WoW and DNA. DeathStar is located in the Ukodi 1 Repository. And to mostly find any content that you need, there are a wide variety of categories.


14. SELFLESS LITE- This is from Bookmark Lite Repository and Kodi Live and Movie Addon. And the sections includes are Live TV, latest updates on news, Movies, Live TV and other channels. You can get lots of options from In the Tv section of Live TV content which includes TVNow, Nettv, Sports, Mobdro, Swift Streamz and many more.

15. NUMBERS- This is also a great Kodi Add-on for videos which are which is in the Cellar Door TV Repository. And The main menu of the add-on has are TV shows, movies where you can get channels with quite a lot of subcategory and other relevant categories including games, year, Languages, Oscar Winners, Most voted and many more.


To conclude it:

So this is the list of the top 15 best Kodi Addons that you would love to have on your Kodi. Whether you are using Kodi on Android, iOS or Windows or any other system, you can use all thisAddons without any problem. As we have provided with a detailed view on how you can install these Addons as well as how you can custom these Addons, there shouldn’t be any problem while using these Kodi Add-ons.

If any of the Kodi Addons that we have talked about here crashes or isn’t working then simply remove the Addon and reinstall the Add-ons. Also, if you want to know about more Kodi Addons like this then keep visiting as we will update this article if any new Kodi Addons updated.

Best Working Kodi AddOns To Watch Free : Updated List 2018
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