Kodi Live TV addons are hard to come by. Some of them don’t work where else other keeps crashing, there is only a hand full of great Kodi live TV Addons that can help you stream live TV content on Kodi. So if you want to stream TV on Kodi this article will provide you with a list of the best Kodi live TV Addons for free. Well, some of the Addons that you might be using will be up for a day yet you may be facing crash and frequent server loses the next day. All this can be really frustrating as you have to keep uninstalling and installing the Addons over and over again. So, to avoid facing such all you have to do is use good Addons that will allow you to stream Live TV without any problem.

Live TV addons

All these Addons will definitely be great and you will love to use them. The Kodi Addons that we will talk about here are updated on a regular basis to avoid server loss. Also, if you have a TV recording Addon for Kodi you can keep the Kodi Live TV addons stream on record. So, without further delay let us have a look at our list of the best Kodi LiveTV Addons that you can use right now. Note that, through these Addons are the best ones to choose from, yet they aren’t as dependable as you traditional cable connection. With that being said let us have a look at the list of Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming.

How to Install Kodi Live TV addons?

This list of Kodi Live TV Addons is great ones to choose from as you will get to watch from all the TV shows and channels that you get on your cable channels. One of the best thing about this Addons is that few of them will also allow you to watch content from the US, Asia, and other regions too.

So before you get these Kodi Live TV Addons, let me tell you how you can install them on your Kodi.

Best Kodi addons

Now if you want to install an Addon, for example, if you want to install the Mobdro Kodi Live TV Addon on your Kodi then here is how you can do it easily. Simply follow the steps that are provided below:

Step 1: Go to the “Install from repository” and then you will need to go to “Kodi Add-on repository” and then you can start browsing through the category. Here in the Category select Video addons.

Step 2: Now in the Video add-ons section, select Mobdro.

Step 3: After selecting Mobdro, click on enter and you will get a popup notice to start the installation process.

And this is it, if you are looking to install Mobdro or any other Add-on on Kodi this is how you will need to install them. Next, if you want to choose to download any of the add-ons like Music Videos, TV, Radio Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, weather etc.

Now that you have installed an Add-on, you will now need to know how to configure it. So here is how you can configure your Kodi Add-ons.

Configuring the Live TV Kodi addons:

All the addons that you get from this list of Kodi Live TV will let you configure the addons in a similar way. So let us have a look at how you can configure these Live TV Addons as you need.

Step 1: First open the settings by clicking on “S” on your keyboard to launch the Setting option of Addons.

Step 2: Now, click on Setting and you will be in the Add-on setting option.

Step 3: Now, depending on the Add-on that you are using you can start customizing the Add-ons.

And this is how you will need to download and install the Addons. You can also configure them as you need and with that being said let us have a look at the Kodi Live TV Addons.

List of the best Kodi Live TV Addons:

1. Mobdro: First on our list of the best Kodi Live TV Addons is the Mobdro Addon. Mobdro is a great fermium Addon for Kido that comes with a premium version as well. But I doubt that you will need the premium version as the free version offer with amazing features itself. Download by over millions of user, Mobdro is definitely one of the Kodi Live TV Addons that you need on your Kodi updates. And when you don’t want to stream live TV on Kodi you will get complete entertainment from movies, TV shows, news and much more.


2. Furious Streams: Second on our list of Kodi Live TV streaming Addons is the furious streams Addon by F.T.F.A. This Addon can be installed on any Kodi version you have and offers with 80% of all the streamable TV content from the UK. Yes, here with Furious Streams Addon you will be able to stream UK TV-based content. And if that is what you want then this is the best TV Addon to get on Kodi.

furious streams

3. Selfless: For all the Kodi Live TV streamers out there, if you want to choose from a huge variety of TV shows list which is based on the USA then Selfless is the Live TV Addon you need. Selfless is the 2ndAddon that provides with the largest number of channels and TV contents. But we would also like to say that though there are a lot of channels, sometime you will find a few channels that are down.


4. Not Film: Not Film is exactly what it is named after. This is a great Addon for Kodi Live TV watchers who want to enjoy cable TV shows, series, sports, horror and more. There are a lot of categories to choose from as well. Also, this Kodi Live TV comes with a lot of languages to choose from like the UK, French, German, Russian, Asian and more.

not film addons

5. Ultra IPTV: Last on this list of great Kodi Live TV Addons is the Ultra IPTV which provided with a huge list of TV content to browse from. Ultra IPTV offers weekly updates which allow the Addon to be updated on regular basis to avoid any broken links of channels. Thought his Addon has the least number of channels compared to Mobdro or Selfless, yet the number of channels that are available stays online most of the time.

Ultra IPTV

So this was the list of the best Kodi Live TV Addons that we think is the best. This list of Kodi live TV Addons are great for daily use and Mobdro being the best will be your favorite one on this list. Except that, the other Kodi Live TvAddons that are discussed here are also great. Well, you can’t get anything better if you want to stream Live TV on Kodi. And as we have already discussed that, these Addonswill provide you with great Kodi Live TV experience.

So if you were searching for great Kodi Live TV Addons that can offer with all the live streaming channels that you can watch on your TV to stream your favorite serials, TV shows, news, sports and much more on the go then these list of Kodi Live TV Addons will definitely help you.

Best Kodi Live TV Addons And How To Download
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