Deserves a million applause, the mind that has brought up the idea of earning using WhatsApp. You have been using WhatsApp for several typical purposes as it supposed to be. Interestingly, WhatsApp can be used to make some impressive amount in hand beside all the other things we do with it. And, I am about to tell you how to make money with WhatsApp.

Make Money With WhatsApp

The creator of WhatsApp, Jan Koum himself might have never thought of such great utilization of this widely appreciated cross-platform freeware.

Nevertheless, this is a fact now, We can make money using WhatsApp 

  • Sitting back at home or anywhere.
  • From the very best comfort zone.
  • Whenever we are free to do so.
  • Without any initial experience.
  • No investment is required.

All we have to do is to follow some real easy steps getting the work done. And, the process can be done in a couple of minutes. It saves a lot of time that we can use other products work as well. “Icing on the cake!”

Typically, we use WhatsApp for chat, video/voice call, share videos/images/contacts/docs, etc. WhatsApp profile pictures and WhatsApp status are the most common features mostly discussed. Even there are many apps like GB WhatsApp or OGWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus which makes it fun to use.

Isn’t the time we get out from the methodical actions and start using WhatsApp in making some fortune?

How to Make Money With WhatsApp?

Spoiler alert: Making money using WhatsApp is not really any alienating stuff. If you are familiar with ideas of making money online, this guidance is going to be much easier for you.

So what’s the money making a hack with WhatsApp? What are the things you can cook in WhatsApp that will help you earn some bucks? You aren’t going to make millions of course.

But, the ideas I am here to share with you will definitely make this day for you. Lets’ get started.

#1 Using Link Shortening Service

Ringing any bell? No? Put it this way.

Link shortening is one of the easiest ways one could follow to earn some handsome money online. Irrespective of location, with a handset and WhatsApp on it, now you can use the same and start earning in no time.

Make money from WhatsApp

Now, companies offering link shortening service and payment are enormous. The best one matters the most. So, I will suggest using Some may recommend you adsfly as well, and of course, you are free to use any of your choices. Personally, I opted for for make money with WhatsApp.

How to Use as connected with an advertising network let its users get paid for showing Ads in a unique way. When a user shortens any content link using the tool and gets clicks on that shortened link by any means, a small commission amount is paid to the user.

It pays 20% for each click and Ad view and the amount varies for different links ranging from 0.1$ to 5$ depending on the locations of link clicks. Received clicks on your shortened links from countries such as USA, UK, Germany would weighted the earned amount.

A user has to be registered with before he/she start utilizing the service.

  • Go to official site.
  • Click/tap on the ‘JOIN’ Tab.
  • Fill up the reg. form with email IDconfirmation ID, and password.
  • Check the box to ‘Accept Terms of use’ & ‘Privacy Policy’.
  • Click to prove “I’m not a robot”.
  • Finally, click on the ‘REGISTER’ button.

You might have to confirm your email ID as well. Once the registration process is done, proceed to link shortening.

Link Shortening Steps Using Target the rich contents that will be easy to make viral. The more your shortened link will be shared and clicked, the more money you may make.

Think of an interesting video or photo, or anything that will grab anyone’s attention. Copy that content URL link and shorten on as following –

  • Copy and paste the link into URL box.
  • Now click/tap on the ‘SHORTEN’ button.
  • Finally, copy the shortened link and share it on WhatsApp to individual/group.

To remind you, the more clicks you get from the shared link, chances of earning is more. Your earned WhatsApp money amount can be withdrawn via PayPal, Webmoney, and Payoneer.

#2 Using PPD Networks

PPD is an aspect of affiliate program where affiliate marketers with lesser knowledge are given chances of fortune. PPD stands for Pay Per Download. Many PPD sites out there, promoting one’s product and keeps a commission amount for each product sale/download.

You are allowed by these PPD sites to use preferable sources and spread a certain product link. Once a download has occurred via your shared link, a certain portion of affiliate commission will be paid to you.

Earn money using WhatsApp

Now, think of the potential of many social media sites and imagine how many downloads you can make happen via these social sites. WhatsApp has no any less potential for making your content viral. Do you feel me now?

All you have to do is keeping a little patience, and make your download link viral as much as possible. When we have plenty of time to kill, this home-based earning makes sense a lot.

When we have plenty of time to kill, this home-based earning makes sense a lot.

On the other hand, some pro blogger utilizes the same platform in another way around. They give away many freebies much often. Software, EBooks, you name it. This is a great way of promoting one’s product or brand and make money fromWhatsApp.

How to Use PPD for Earning?

As cited earlier, there are numerous PPD sites that might prove to be a good earning source. Although, I preferred for a better earning. It’s without a doubt a handsome payment scale.

In addition, it has a really simple UI that lets your task done with no hassle. There are options to upload existing files on your device. Say it a music file, movie, image, or something interesting in the form of File and Doc. that people love to engage in.

  • Go to
  • Sign Up with your valid Email ID and password.
  • Upload your preferred contents (Drag-Drop or Browse).
  • Copy the Unique link and share it with WhatsApp users (Individual/Group).

You may share the same link to any other platforms where you think engagement can be wide.

#3 Using Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is proved to be one of the efficient ways to make money online. It has the same potential in making money using WhatsApp. Many pro internet marketers choose Affiliate for a high earning figure through their website.

Whatsapp affiliate marketing

However, it’s not compulsory to become a pro marketer to earn from the very source. An impressive earning figure can be achieved using ones WhatsApp account as well.

How to Earn from Affiliate with WhatsApp?

Affiliate marketing work is efficient and easy. When a marketer refers any online product to consumers and manages to sell, a portion of the profit is paid by the seller to the marketer in term of commission. So, as many products as one can convince others to buy, a number of commission increases.

And, this can be easily done using WhatsApp. Simply share the referral links of a good product to individuals or in a WhatsApp group and done.

Among some of the efficient Affiliate marketing platforms, I found Amazon much profitable.

  • Go to Amazon official site.
  • Become an Affiliate.
  • Choose a potential Amazon product.
  • Copy the referral link show a certain product.
  • Share the referral link to as many people as you can.

A tip, pick the product for sale that is highly demanded or newly launched with high anticipation. Do all the necessary in choosing a good product thus conversion rate stays high. So, you have learned another easy way to make money with WhatsApp.

#4 Refer & Earn Mobile Apps

To be honest, this hack does not earn you thousands of dollars in a month. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing to do while sparing your free time instead of playing games. Most importantly, it does not require much knowledge and effort. Interestingly, referral apps are much popular among Smartphone users today. A good amount of cash, mobile recharge, DTH recharge are earned from these Apps.

refer and earn app

How to start referring and earning?

A user needs to Download > Sign up > and refer the same App to others. One the App is downloaded via referral link by the receiver; both sender and receiver get paid an amount from the App. The earning amount per referral varies App to App.

Summing it up:

One vital thing will need to make your cash out of the earnings from WhatsApp is an online payment system, say PayPal. So, mind to Create a PayPal Account and link it to your active bank account and receive money.

I am your methodical mind is awakened to something new now. Leisure times won’t be wasted in sharing useless stuff on WhatsApp anymore I suppose. Needless to say, I can’t be sure if you already had experience with any of the money making trick using WhatsApp.

If not, this is the time. If yes, I would like to know your experience with that. If by chance you don’t have WhatsApp already on your smartphone then go to Google Play store and download it now or you can try to download Latest WhatsApp APK and enjoy.

I hope now you have learned how to make money with WhatsApp, if you have some more ideas then do let me know in the comments section below. I will definitely add them to this article in the next update.

How To Make Money With WhatsApp [Complete Guide in Step-by-Step]
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