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Download Mini Militia for iOS or iPhone/iPad for free on this page. It is being one of the best action based multiplayer game for the smartphone users. And it is trending among all smartphone users, as this game comes for both Android and iOS users. Though, there is a way to download this game on your Mac/Windows computer. But here we will be knowing about this game and how to get Mini Militia for iOS or iPad/iPhone/iPad. Kill your boredom with this game by downloading on your iPhone. The game is free and I am also leaving a free download link for Mini Militia. So, if you want to play this awesome online combat game on your iOS device then let us jump into more about the militia for ios

Mini-Militia Game for iOS/iPhone

The game is also known as Doodle Army 2, which is developed by Apps Mniacs. With the game, you can play multiplayer mode with the online user and locally be connecting via hotspot. To get into terrorizing battle you may need a good skill, thankfully there is a practice mode for both survival and basic. And hence, you can sharpen the playing skill of this game. With heavy artillery, future-proof power-ups make this game super amazing to play with your friends and other online players. Mini Militia or AKA DA2 is not the game that you will require high-intensive processing and graphics juice; in fact, Doodle Army 2 is enjoyable on an entry-level phone. But when it is about iOS devices, the performance is great and well optimized. So, never bother to have this game even on your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. But also note that your iPhone should be at least running on iOS7 or newer version to download Mini Militia for iPhone or iOS device.

Mini-Militia for iPhone/iPad or iOS Download: Everything About Features

Do you know it is one of the most trending game in the iOS App Store? This action game also has good ratings and this proves how pretty awesome is this game. So, if you have not played this game then you might be missing many things from this game. And yeah, it is an action shooting game if you fond of this genre then here might love to know about its features. In below I will highlight all the features of Doodle Army 2 and then we will be moving to Doodle Army 2 download for iOS.doodle army 2 for iOS iphone

  • The game can be played online and locally connecting with Wi-Fi hotspot with up to 8 friends and online users.
  • Many power-ups with futuristic weapons including shotgun, sniper, and flamethrower are fun to play with online players.
  • Even though it is mostly a multiplayer game but it can be played offline with bots when there is no one to play with you.
  • The control of this game is super cool; there is zoom control, 4 navigations to fly around in the battlespace.
  • Doodle Army 2 is a free game with less processing requirement. The size of the game is just around 60MB hence, it doesn’t eat up much space of your device and also it drains less processing power.
  • This is a free game but if you want more power packs then you can buy In-App purchase things to add more enjoyment to the game.

So, these are all about Mini Militia features, which is quite nice to kill every boredom in your free time. Hence, if you feel excited to play this game or if you own an iOS device or iPhone/iPad then find out a download link for Mini Militia for iOS. In below we will add about the Mini Militia or Doodle Army 2 game download for iPhone or iPad users.

Mini-Militia for iOS Download

To download the game your device have to be on iOS 7 or later version. And we don’t recommend to download this game in your iPhone 4S or older devices. Now, if you have an iOS device with iOS 7 or newer version then here you can find out a link to download this game for your iPhone or iPad.

(Click here to download Mini Militia for iPhone)

Final Words:

Now if you want to get into the warfare of Doodle Army 2 and play with your knowing people then download it now from the given link. In this game you can play with any player online and enjoy the game together, also if you are having friends nearby then you will be able to play with them too. If you are a newbie in this game then you can also play the survival mode or in the practice mode to increase your gaming experience. So what you are waiting for, download the game on your iOS device for free and start playing this amazing game on your iOS phone. Drop your comments below and share with us your experience playing Mini militia game on your iPhone.

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