Apps to Listen Music without Wi-Fi or Internet for Android and iOS

It is not possible to connect all the time to Wi-Fi or data network with your device. That’s why we are much concern about how to listen to music without Wi-Fi and internet. As offline music is always a better solution without any interruption music experience.

Despite, online music streaming app also does better in some terms. But if you are looking for a music player that doesn’t need any internet or WiFi connection then it is time to check out some cool applications. These apps would be for Android and iOS device; so, be ready to find your best music player to experience music without without wi-fi

How to Play Music Without Wi-Fi or internet?

At the very first, let us find how to make it happen on your device. Now if you are using an iOS device, there you may need some trick. Basically, on an iOS running device, we love to stick with Music (Apple Music) app and this app stream music and let you download as well. Thus, you may need to move some music on your iOS device and listen to those without data service or WLAN.

If you want to load some of your favorite music to your iPhone or iPad that allows you listening offline music later then check out the steps to be done. And after that, I will also list out some other apps for listening music app without WiFi.

Steps to listen to Music without Wi-Fi or internet in Apple Music(app):

  • To transfer music to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, at the very first, download the latest version of iTunes on your songs without wifi
  • Install iTunes, and connect your device to this computer.
  • Now add some music or music folder in iTunes. All music will be added to the application.
  • In next, select a music or multiple music and right-click then select your select your device.

That is all, songs will be now on your device or in Apple music. In this way, you can play these songs on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. And that’s a better option to have rather than streaming or downloading music from Apple Music. Because Apple Music is about cost, data and sometimes slower network connection or no Wi-Fi also make a bad experience as well. So, follow the just briefed steps and enjoy songs without Wifi or data.

Tops Apps for Music Without Wi-Fi and Internet Android and iOS

Moreover, there are a lot of apps to listen music without internet for your iOS or Android smartphone. Here we recommend trying these apps to play music offline if you are looking for your Android or for iOS if you don’t want to use Apple Music.

So, let us know more apps that can serve music with no internet service.

Google Play Music:

This is a Google-made music app that supports on iOS and Android. This music app can be played offline and online, which will serve you in both ways. The online library has a huge collection of music. It auto-detects your music interest; suggest and create the music playlist for you. You can also, browse device’s music to listen needing any internet plan.songs without wifi

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Poweramp Music Player

This powerful music player also considered as the best music player for both Android and iOS device. This is a paid music app but the features you get in the app worth every penny. The app is designed to give you best music experience whenever you are not connected to an internet or Wi-Fi. Just get some favorite music on your iPhone or Android smartphone and your are ready to enjoy offline music experience with player without internet

Download Poweramp for Android and iOS


This is a simple music player but comes with integrated song identifying the feature. You can play music here offline but furthermore, it can detect nearby playing music. This features if quite helpful when you don’t know playing song somewhere. Being a music player to listen to music without WiFi or internet, this is a good app to download. MusixMatch can be downloaded on Android and iOS without paying a penny.offline music player

Get MusixMatch now for Android and iOS

So, in this way, you can listen music without Wi-Fi or internet on your iOS or Android smartphone. Now, never interrupt your music experience whenever there is no internet and wireless network. Also, find nice tips to listen to music without wifi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Apple Music. From us, you can get more entertainment app for free, so make sure to be updated with us all the time.

Let me know which is your best choice among them or if you have a better solution for playing music offline for Android and iOS by comment below in the comment box.


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