NES Games for PC with NES Emulator – How to Play NES Games on PC?

If you want to know how to play NES games on PC then you have come to the right place. NES or Nintendo Entertainment System is a catalogue to play Nintendo games and other stuff. Launched in 1986, Nintendo Entertainment System was a revolutionary device by Nintendo named as Family Computer at that time. But now, if you are thinking about playing NES games then you have to purchase Nintendo Entertainment System which will cost you around $100- 150 which is quite high. So if you want to download NES games for PC then here is how you can do it. So, keep reading this article till the last line to explore the trick today.

NES is a retro gaming console which means you will be able to play all the retro games like Mario, Mike Tyson Boxing, Cali Games, Duck Hunt and many more retro games on your PC without paying a dollar. Sounds great right?

Well, without further delay let us have a look at how to download and play NES game for PC.

NES Games for PC: How to use NES game on a PC?

Nintendo Entertainment System or NES work on a different OS base so it can be impossible to directly install or play NES games on your PC. So, the most basic and the relevant way you can turn towards playing NES game on PC is to get an emulator. So what is an emulator? Let us have a look in detail what NES emulator is all about.

Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator or NES Emulator for PC

The name emulator as the name implies is a software that will help you to physically launch a new OS platform on your PC itself. Yes, that’s right, you can emulate a new environment based on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games for PC. So how does the NES Emulator really works?

Well, to tell you in detail on how to install NES games on PC, let me take you through a  detailed and step wise guide to help you download and play Nintendo Entertainment System games on PC using Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on PC.

BUT first, note that the PC that you are using meets up to the system requires that you need to install the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on.

System Requirements for NES games for PC Download:

i. First of all, the PC must have at least a Dual Core processors like Intel Core 2 Duo or Higher.

ii. You will need at least 2 Gigabytes of RAM to run the emulator program smoothly.

iii. At least 10GB or Disk Space.

iv. Inbuilt/Onboard HD graphics or Added Higher Graphics Processing Unit.

So these are the minimum requirement that your PC must have to run Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) without any issue.

NES Emulator for PC- How to use:

Follow these steps given below to easily download the Nintendo Entertainment System and run NES games on PC.

Step 1: First of all you will need to download the NES Emulator for Windows PC, to do so simply click on the Link below. All these emulators work for Windows 10/ 8.1 and 7 as well.

Fceux NES Emulator on Windows

Click here to Download the FCEUX Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.


Click here to Download the NESTOPIA Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.


Click here to Download the VIRTUAL-NES Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.


Click here to Download the JNES Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

5. 5.

Click here to Download the NINTENDULATOR Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

Step 2: Now you will need to install the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on the PC where you want to play the NES games.

Step 3: After you have installed the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, you will now need to grab the NES Game ROM to play.

Step 4: To get the ROM of NES game you will need to click and download the ROM of games from the link below.

Click here to Download Nintendo Entertainment System emulator Games.

(If you are using the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator from our list above then you will get many Nintendo Entertainment System game ROM for free builtin with the emulator)

Step 6: After you have downloaded the ROM of NES game then you will need to transfer it to the same folder where you have installed the Nintendo Emulator on.

NOTE: if you are facing problem while installing the emulator then see the minimum requirement that your PC needs to meet up to install or run NES emulator.)

And that is it, this is how easy it is to install NES emulator for PC and also to get NES games for PC.

To Conclude it:

Now you know how you can run NES games on PC and by doing so you can enjoy playing some retro NES games for PC free. And as the Nintendo Entertainment System also comes for free, you can easily get it on your PC. If you have any other query about the NES emulator or if you have facing problem while playing NES games on PC then leave a comment below and we will help you out ASAP. You can also clear your doubt by asking us below.

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