Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 4 at the iPhone launch event 2018. Over the last generation, the Apple Watch series 4 brings a large list of significant improvements and the price starting from $399. Let us take a brief look at all the offers of the Apple Watch series 4.

Apple watch 4 series

The all-new Apple Watch Series 4 sports is trying to be 40 percent thinner than the previous one and therefore having a less volume in total. You will get a 30 percent larger display with this new Apple Watch Series 4 sport than the previous gen Apple Watch.

More about Apple Watch 4 series:

Redesigned UI-

Now you will get a redesigned Watch OS 5 with the Apple Watch Series 4, where the new features are delivered by the updated hardware than ever before. If you want to know about the hardware, the all-new Apple Watch Series 4 is made up of a 64 – bit dual – core processor with a new GPU. And this is powered by a fourth gen processing unit and Apple calls S4. With the new updated hardware the all-new Apple battery replacement Watch is working two times faster than the older generation, so thanks for this updated hardware

redesigned interface of Apple watch

Fall Detection –

With the new Apple Watch, you will get an amazing feature according to which this new watch has a new accelerometer and also a gyroscope setup that can unlock a feature and that has not been seen in any smartwatch till now. If the wearer falls down the new Apple Watch can detect that with the help of upgraded gyroscope and accelerometer, and then if the wearer stays immobile for at least a minute, it delivers an alert, initiating an emergency call. So thanks for this amazing feature like never before.

Optical Heart Rate Sensor –

Optical heart rate sensor is also an amazing feature of this upgraded Apple Watch Series 4 which has the capabilities of performing different functions like a notification of an irregular heart rhythm and notification of a low heart rate.

heart sensors

Privacy – Focused Approach

With the new Apple Watch Series 4 you can ensure that your fitness data and health will remain safe from getting private, so your privacy is safe. And you can be assured that all the data collected by your smartwatch is encrypted on the cloud and on the device and it won’t be misused. Without mentioning any of its competitors and Google, a big deal is made by Apple about privacy. And for that without compromising on the data security, watchOS 5 brings new features.

As the previous generation, the Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to deliver the 18-hour battery life, with all the new features and also a better and increased outdoor workout time of 6 hours.

First ever ECG Smartwatch

A new electrical heart rate sensor is included with this Apple Watch Series 4 which makes it the first ever smartwatch with the capability of delivering FDA – approved ECG test results within a few minutes. For this, you have to hold your finger on the crown for just 30 seconds and then all the required data will be collected by the electrodes to deliver an accurate ECG report. Another feature which has been approved by the FDA is that the new Apple Watch Series 4 is able to detect atrial fibrillation.

apple watch

Customization –

With cosmetic customization, you can get different types of new straps and three anodized finishes – gold, silver, and space gray, which you will get with a striking gold stainless steel variant with a Milanese band. You will get a new collection of bands which will fit the Apple Watch Series 3 and they are backward compatible too.

WatchOS 5 –

You will get a redesigned UI, with WatchOS 5 on the Apple Watch Series 4 and also new customizable watch faces with which you can completely personalize your Apple Watch for your preference. And the new watch faces introduced by Apple, interact and react with the edges of the screen so that you can get a more immersive and realistic experience.

So this is the brief in detail of the new Apple Watch Series 4 which starts at $399 and the cellular variant starting at $ 499. You will get this at markets from September 21 with Watch OS5 which will start rolling out from September 17.

Everything New in Apple Watch Series 4 You need To Know
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