Download OGWhatsApp apk  2018 version 6.50 for your Android device and this comes for free for this platform. Installing this app get ready to have some fun with WhatsApp app, as I know you are using this instant messenger. But since a long time, no major update is there.

No doubt, WhatsApp is being intuitive and fast or interchanging text; this messenger does feel nearly perfect. But when you will acknowledge more about OG WhatsApp then you might not prefer it as perfect. Or you may like to have OGWhatsApp over official WhatsApp app. Any idea why I am talking about this?latest ogWhatsApp apk 2018

Today, on this page we will talk about this app and know how to download and install OG WhatsApp apk. As an Android user, you might like to download this app or if you are not sure then check out something special about it.

OGWhatsApp ApK V6.50 [2018]

You might have seen GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, in our recent updates. OGWhatsApp also resembles these apps, but this comes with some advantages. To be precise, it is an Android supported app, which is a modified version official WhatsApp.

This includes improved features, privacy, UI tweak and more freedom to do with WhatsApp. So, there are a lot of things to do with OG WhatsApp. This modified version has achieved many features that regular version cant do. Hence, we can see many WhatsApp users opting to this modified version of WhatsApp app.

Download OGWhatsApp apk

Moreover, this is the app that allows you keeping two WhatsApp account on a device. This is pretty cool feature those who wish to keep two accounts for official/family and friends purposes. In this way, they can maintain their privacy, blocking one account or making it offline for them.

Well, there are a  lot of features to get with this version and recently latest OGWhatsApp version is released. We will point out the cool features come with this WhatsApp mod app and hope you will like to have this on your device.

Features That Make OGWhatsApp Special:

As promised there you can find OGWhatsApp apk download link for your Android device. But before that, I am making your sure about its features that you will have. Below features are the reason people are loving this app over official version. So, before you download this app check out what are the special advantages having this app on your device.

  • Can create two WhatsApp accounts on an Android device, which is a cool option to have. After creating two accounts you can use them simultaneously without login and log out one another.
  • You can add Favorite Contacts in this version of WhatsApp modded apk.
  • Set special contacts for auto-download contents or media. This is actually a better way to optimize your device storage.
  • Unlike WhatsApp Plus app, this also can send original image, whereas official WhatsApp compresses the image size and make it unusable for HQ view.
  • You can send a file with up to 50MB size, whereas with the regular app it is limited to 16MB only. Thus, it is more freedom to send a file with this WhatsApp mod app.
  • It can hide your online status; so, no worry when you wish to ignore someone by showing the offline even while you are using WhatsApp.
  • Emoji search is a great feature in this app, which allows finding your desired emoji instantly.
  • The app support from KitKat and later version of Android OS.
  • Schedule chat is a useful feature in this app, which can be very helpful while wishing someone at sharp 12 AM on his/her birthday. Just schedule a message in a specific time and it will get your job done in the meant time. Cool feature right?
  • With the new OG WhatsApp now you can even invite in a multiplayer gaming such as Geometry Dash Online playing or many other games that can be played online.
  • If you want you can hide your number or profile from any user that you know. So that, your friend cant see you even after having your number on his/her device.
  • Moreover, extended privacy like hiding view status or blue ticks, double ticks, sent status etc. good reason to have OGWhatsApp.

Now, you can differentiate what this app can do that official cant. Now if you wish to have this app on your Android device (obviously you do) then check out our download portion down below. As you might be excited to download OGWhatsApp for Android.

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Latest OGWhatsApp APK V5.40 Download

Well, here in this article I am only talking about this for Android, as there is no OGWhatsApp for iPhone or iOS devices. But we have Pokemon Go for iOS users, which you can download from our site. For Android users, you can find a download link, which is a good news. Also, this app doesn’t need any root access to your Android device; so, easily this can be downloaded and use safely.OG WhatsApp app download

I have added the latest version 5.40 of OG WhatsApp that is updated and can be downloaded from the below link;

Click here to download Latest OGWhatsApp Apk for Free

Please Note: OG WhatsApp is a popular app used by many Android users. For now, OGWhatsApp V5.40 is the latest version but there will be a future update. Be updated with this page, as we will update new version download link this article.

How to Install OG WhatsApp Apk V6.50 with no chat history loss?

Well, after downloading the latest version of apk of this app, you will need to install the apk file on your Android device. Even you know how to install apk, but there you will need how to install WhatsApp OG version without losing your previous data.

So, let know how to do it;

Backup Your WhatsApp Data in Google Drive: If you don’t want to lose your all data from original WhatsApp then you need to backup data in Google Drive. For installing OGWhatsApp, you have to uninstall the current or regular version of WhatsApp.

To back up, your WhatsApp chats go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Backup.

OG WhatsApp Install

Install the OGWhatsApp APK:

  • Now, you can uninstall WhatsApp from the device. Find the downloaded OGWhatsApp.apk or if you haven’t downloaded it yet then get it now from the above-given link.
  • Tap on Install button and agree to terms and conditions.install og WhatsApp 6.50
  • Give it some moment and it will get it done within a little time.


Hence, this app can be downloaded and installed on the device for free. This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp with extra features, which you definitely like to have. Take advantages of WhatsApp mod, majorly having two WhatsApp accounts on a device with more security and privacy features. So, get OGWhatsApp apk now on your device for free and upgrade to this advanced version of WhatsApp.

Make sure to comment on the comment box if you have any queries or issues having on your Android device and I would like to reply as soon as possible.

Latest OGWhatsApp APK Download 2018 [Version 6.50] | Two WhatsApp Accounts Simultaneously!
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