OG Mods are all meant to offer better features that you get with the official version, and thus OGYouTube Apk also comes with very useful features. And that is why I would like to draw attention on this app. We are pretty sure you will love to have the advanced features over the original version of YouTube official.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is dominating the video streaming part and every Smartphone users use this app on their devices. It is a good treat to stream video contents from YouTube while you have a good internet connection. Almost everything can be watched with your smartphone when you have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere.


Sadly, YouTube doesn’t let you download videos from its servers; all you have to depend on an internet connection to take advantage of this server. We are here to solve this issue and will let you know the process to have same YouTube app but with added features that you like for sure.

Yes, I am talking about OGYouTube apk; for every YouTube user, OG YouTube is a dream as this app packed with some incredible features. You can download this app for your Smartphone or tablet device, which I give you in the below download portion. Before that, I hope you will like to know more about the tweaked app of YouTube and I will be adding some words about OG YouTube app.

OGYouTube APK Download: All About it

Most of you might love to download videos from YouTube and watch it even if you are offline. Though the new YouTube app allows downloading your videos for offline streaming it doesn’t allow watching in our favorite video player like MX Player.

The scenario of video streaming would be changed when you download OGYouTube apk on your Android device. It will give you much freedom to do with YouTube app. This app will replace the original version of YouTUbe app on the device and instead of that, you get better modified YouTube app.

OGYouTube is a modified version of the YouTube app, which comes with some interesting features like download, no ads, mp3 mode and much more. I know this is more than anything for the rest YouTube users. You can download any videos with OGYouTube, as this gives you a download option with every video you play.OGYouTube APK

Moreover, there is an MP3 mode that will turn every music video as an mp3 player or won’t kill much data cost. Yeah, most of us don’t use video streaming for listening music, which takes away much battery life and data usage. Now with this version, you are free to listen to music by streaming videos. Goodly, it will only stream audio when you select the audio mode.

Also, there will be no more annoying ads in the middle of streaming. Yes, this is true when you use OG YouTube app on the device. Now watch videos from YouTube without interruption by download YouTube mod app on the device.

All these features are available with the same interface of YouTube. Not like other YouTube downloaders, which act like just downloader with all new interfaces. So, you will feel like home using the app without any noticeable changes; yes, there you will get download options, no ads etc. in the same app.

Take Advantages of OGYouTube

You might have come to know about this app, which is pretty awesome for most YouTube users. And this is why most of the people who knows about this app using on their device. I will drop a downloading for OGYouTube+ apk but before that here are the highlighted features of OGYouTube.OG YouTube apk

  • With OGYouTube you will get a dedicated download button. So, if you like any of the videos than instantly it can be downloaded by tapping the downloading button.
  • All ads are blocked in this app; so, you will not face any interruption while watching videos. Only pure streaming experience.
  • There is an audio or mp3 mode, which kills fewer data of your data service and more importantly, you can listen to any music video in the background. So, it can listen on an mp3 player from the huge library of YouTube server.
  • As said before, it is just a tweaked YouTube app, to give you same feel and more features. The whole interface is same that would be easier to you to jump in this app as there is the difference at all. Or you won’t feel like using any other app, all the thing will be same as YouTube original app.

These all features make OG YouTube a special app that many people love and wish to have on their device. As you now come to know all about its features and about the app; now, you can take same advantages with this modified app. Practical experience is waiting for you; all you need to download the app. Let me guide you downloading the app and how to get started with it.

OGYouTube app or YouTube Plus Download

This is an Android specialized app or sadly this YouTube Plus app can’t be downloaded on iPhone or on iOS devices as there is no supported OGYouTube for iOS or iPhone/iPad. But if you have an Android device then you can download this from the below link. This link would give you an apk file for this app; yes, this can’t be download from Google Play Store.

You can download it from below link, which is trusted and safe to download;OGYouTube plus download

 Click here to download OGYouTube APK

How to install OGYouTube APK?

Manual installation is required when you download an apk file on an Android device. However, this is not much tricky to install the apk file manually; obviously, if you don’t know you can follow the below steps.

Note: Before you download OGYouTube apk on the device, you will need to uninstall the official app of YouTube from the device. As this uses the same app code of YouTube and almost same of the app, it will overwrite the app.

Enable Unknown Source: To allow apk install installation, here you need to change some security settings in your Android device Settings.

Follow these steps;

Step to Android  Settings > Security > find Unknown sources; where you can find a toggle button. Tap on it and your device will be allowed to install apk file or app from Google Play exception.OG YouTube Plus install

Install OG YouTube or YouTube Plus apk:

  • After enabling the Unknown sources, search for the downloaded apk file in device file manager.
  • Tap on the apk file and allow all the instruction screen shows.
  • It will take a moment to get installed on your device.

Final words:

Now you can download this amazingly tweaked OGYouTube app on your device. With the app, you can download music videos as mp3, listen MV in background, download option for all video content and allows offline watch. Experience these feature in reality by downloading the app now. This will just replace your original version of YouTube and will give you the same thing with much more features.

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Let me know if you have any concern to this app or for any queries you can drop a comment below in the comment section. And I will like to come with a  solution for it as soon as possible.

OGYouTube APK Download – Download Videos, Play Background Music!!
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