OnePlus 6 is the newest flagship device from this brand and recently many users are complaining about screen flickering issue. Yes, this super notorious Android device is having a screen issue from late last month. OnePlus breaks its silence over this issue and has made it official by acknowledging the screen problem. OnePlus also made an official announcement for Android P update for their two years old One 3 and 3T. Now they will skip the Android Oreo version and will be working for Android P.

This OnePlus Screen 6 screen flickering issue is mainly happening in bright sunlight when the adaptive brightness mode is on. And if you own this awesome device then you might be want to know how to fix OnePlus 6 Screen flickering issue.oneplus 6 screen flickering fix

OnePlus 6 Screen Flickering Issue: Fixing Update Coming Soon

OnePlus 6 is the most powerful device offered by OnePlus. Till date, it is dominating as the performance king and lie every year, OnePlus 6 is the super value for money Smartphone. This flagship from OnePlus recommended by many tech persons and this device received the record-breaking sale soon after its launch.

Now if you are also one of the OnePlus 6 buyers then you might be facing trouble with this device. Having this device, you might have seen screen flickering issue on your device. Well, it is occurring most of the time when the adaptive brightness turns on in a bright ambiance.

This issue is because of the bug in OxygenOS 5.1.8, this firmware was released late last month. After many complaints among OnePlus 6 users, now the OnePlus official team break its silence and said it should be fixed in the next update. Recently, OnePlus brought a new update for the battery drain issue and now it is fixed in OxygenOS. This battery issue was also found on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. However, this is an issue immediately resolved after the next update. OnePlus promising the same for the new screen flickering issue and should be fixed by next update.OnePlus 6 screen flickering issue

Screen flickering issue is only found on OnePlus 6 and update to come via OTA. One wrote in their weekly forum post,

[W]e have noticed feedback from some users regarding the adaptive brightness feature on the OnePlus 6. It will be optimized in the next OTA update (to be released very soon!),

mentioning the adaptive brightness flaw on some OnePlus devices, it stated the OTA update is coming very soon. However, having a OnePlus 6 and facing the screen flickering issue on your device needs some more days to be fixed until this update is coming. After the update, you can update OnePlus 6 to fix Screen flickering issue. To do so, you need to do some steps to find update if it available in some days. Check out the details how to update your OnePlus 6 and fix screen issue.

Update and fix OnePlus 6 screen flickering?

  • Go to the OnePlus 6 device Settings.
  • Scroll down to the end point and tap on the About phone.
  • Tap on Software and again Update.
  • The device will request for any available update for your OnePlus 6. After OnePlus releasing the bug fix update for adaptive screen mode, you will get an update.

OnePlus 6 is a successful Android device by a Chinese manufacturer. This is a dominating budget flagship of this year unlike previous years’ OnePlus. Since the last OxygenOS 5.1.8 update in last month, there is a flaw in the Adaptive screen. Users are complaining about screen flickering in this new update. However, the OnePlus official acknowledged the issue and promised to bring an update for this bug very soon. Now users have to wait for the bug fix update and should do upper shown updating process.

Let us know if this issue is happening on your OnePlus 6. Or if you are another OnePlus device owner and having the same issue then you can drop a comment detailing the issue and please drop a thought of you in below.

Fix OnePlus 6 Screen Flickering Issue: New Update Coming Soon
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