Oppo is a quite bold mobile manufacturer that has been in the mobile market with many inventions. Recently Oppo stunts mobo world with their new flagship Oppo Find X. Well, this Chinese mobile manufacturer again in the news for another upcoming flagship.

A recent report says Oppo is bringing Oppo R17, which is their flagship line up and the rumor claims it is going to be the first  Smartphone with crazy 10GB RAM.Oppo R17 with 10gb RAM

We have already seen in recent days, Oppo has given a new wave in the mobile market with their Oppo Find X. This device is one of the true bezel-less devices featuring motorized popping camera. This revolutionary design is being praised by most of the smartphone fans and while this amazing is still heating up the market Oppo cooking something special.

10GB RAM Oppo R17 Coming Soon

Yes, Oppo preparing another device with killer specs, which will be the successor to the Oppo R15. The race among top mobile manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, Oppo etc. making it much more interesting and innovating.

In this regard, Vivo also quite proud of their Vivo Nex for their true bezel-less Smartphone. As notch is the new trend of this year after Apple brought it on their iPhone X, whereas Oppo and Vivo true bezel-less display design to their new device.

According to a new report by China’s certification agency TENAA has claimed a new rumor. The upcoming Oppo R17 will have all flagship killing feature and 10GB RAM will be the main highlight of this smartphone. Purely Oppo is here for a race with other Chinese brands like Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi. This website also revealed the fair idea about its design.

However, the biggest highlight of this upcoming Smartphone from Oppo is 10GB RAM. After releasing the device Oppo would become the first mobile manufacturer to offer this giant RAM. Currently Asus, OnePlus devices are the only few devices to have the highest RAM with 8GB. So, if the rumor becomes true then it will be another buzz after  Oppo R17 release.

Beside this highlighted 10GB RAM feature, China’s certification agency TENAA also suggest some of its specs;

Rumored Specs of Oppo R17

Not just the 10GB RAM but the rumored specs of Oppo R17 is pretty top-notch. According to the report from same China’s certification agency TENAA, here are the fair specs idea about upcoming flagship from Oppo.Oppo r17

  • The display is reported to be a 6.3” inch display, which will have Oppo Find X styled display design. 
  • The report also claims it might have 3D facial recognition technology or an in-display fingerprint sensor.
  • In the camera department, there is no sign of megapixel but we can guess it would an improvement over Oppo Find X.
  • The report suggests Oppo R17 will be powered by 3,415mAh battery, which seems a weak part as per its display size.
  • Oppo R17 will measure 156.7 x 74 x 7.9mm.

Other specs are not clear as of now such as its camera, chipset, Android version. However, the hype of the Opp0 R17 going to be another wave in the mobile market. The release date of this device is too far to talk about now but if all goes right as per China’s certification agency TENAA this device will be another highlighted device from Oppo in next days.

Oppo Coming 10GB RAM Smartphone – All Rumors, Concepts & Release Date
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