There are hardly any who haven’t heard or used Play Store. We can say this is the biggest shopping mall which is provided by Google where you can get whole lots of apps. Among all the smartphone market Google Play store apk is the leading one with over billions of apps loaded in its system. The main reason why people loves to use Play store is it is very easy to use and do not comes with any complication. By each passing day, Google Play Store is getting more dominant and easier to use for all the techy guys.

download play store apk

But there are many who do not get the Play Store pre-installed on their device. So to get the store on their device they can easily download the APK version of Play Store on their device. Previously we have discussed OGYouTube APK Download and today you will be knowing how you can get the APK version of Play store on your phone not only that we will also discuss what the important features of this app are. We will also show you a small comparison of Play store apk with other smartphone markets.

Procedure to Download Play Store Apk:

So here is the procedure that you need to follow to download the Apk file of the Play Store on your Android device. Let’s have a look at how you can download the apk file on your Android device when you’re Play Store is not working.

  • Now to download the Apk file of the Google Play Store click HERE and then click on the Download button to download the apk.
  • After the downloading is all done, the file will automatically get saved in the download folder in the file manager.
  • So as you are done with downloading the apk file of the Google Play Store. Now let’s have a look at the installation process.

How to Install Google Play Store apk file:

Google Play Store

  • As you are done with all the download steps, now simply click on the apk file that you have downloaded.
  • Now you will need to accept the terms and condition of the Play Store apk that you usually do with the other app too.
  • So after doing all this simply click on the INSTALL button to get the app installed on your Android device.
  • Now if you are done with all these steps, you can use it on your device and the experience will be the same like the original Play Store.

So this was how you can download the APK version of Play store on your device. The process which I have mentioned is very easy and can be downloaded easily. Now let’s check out what are the features of this store.

Features of the Google Play Store:

Download Play Store app

  • Google Play store apk comes with the largest amount of app collection which gives a huge range from which you can choose from.
  • There are some or the other for everyone. Starting from health app to education app all are here the most apps are related to social networking and entertainment.
  • Maximum of the apps are free to use which means there is obvious to have a huge number of visitors on this app.
  • No high configuration device is required to use any of the apps available in the Play store.
  • You can get an easy access to the store by simply creating the Google Play Store account. It just takes few seconds to complete the process.
  • Navigation on this app is very easy. The design is made in such a way that it becomes very easy to get access to different things easily.
  • The homepage is designed in such a way that the users get easy on to it. Especially it becomes useful for the new users.
  • Play store even gets a voice search and search bar which helps you to find your desired app very easily.
  • The organization of the apps is set in such a way that it gets very easy to find them.
  • Installing the app from Play store is one of the easiest things. Just click on the install button and you are done with your app. The server of the system is so advanced that it just takes few seconds to install any app.

So these were some of the important features of Play store. Now let’s have a small comparison with other smartphone markets.

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Comparison with another smartphone market:

If we compare Play store with IOS market then Play store clearly wins as IOS have a limited amount of app and there are many apps which you need to buy. The interface of the IOS home screen is somehow complicated as compared to that of Play store. At play store, you get something or the other for everyone but in IOS it is lacking as there are very limited apps. The amount of play store users are more as compared to that of the IOS users which ultimately will increase the popularity of Play store.

Final words:

So above listed are some of the important information of play store. Here we have mentioned how you can download and install the APK version of the store. The best part is that you will get the same experience of the Play Store. The small comparison at the ending will give you an idea what is the actual limit of Play store near other smartphone markets. So as now you have all the information about Play store apk so go ahead and use it.

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