Pocket Mortys is a smartphone game which also known as a name Rick and Morty. It is a free play themed role-playing video game for both iOS and Android devices. The developer of this game is Big Pixel studios, and after that, it was published by the Adult Swing games. Users can play this game in single as well as in multiplayer mode. This game was released globally on 13th January 2016 for both the Android and iOS platforms. This game follows the concept of the Pokemon games similarly for the players to catch the various types of Mortys present in the form of Aliens. Thus here in this topic, we will talk about all the Pocket Mortys Recipies used to make this game easy.

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During playing the Pocket Mortys game, you need to create up some of the new recipes, by adding many items together. Those who currently play this game in their devices may know about the recipes, which you need to use in the various level of this game. However, those who do not have any idea or the new users can follow the content written below about the Pocket Mortys recipes to apply in this game. All the possible recipes are going to discuss here which can apply randomly with each other to enhance and experience this game in a better way.

List of Pocket Mortys Recipes:

At first, we want to tell that Pocket Mortys consists of the crafting system, which allows you to make new recipes by adding different items together. While you start to play this game, you will find the crafting station that is present outside of the building. Sometimes the dimension to searching the risks may found randomly out there. Among them, some of the objects are there which is essential to use to continue this game.

Rather than these, the play will become easier while you use the pocket Mortys recipes created for it only. So without taking more time, let us proceed to know about all the 34 recipes for crafting Mortys.

Recipes of Pocket Morty for the users:

  1. Roy VR Headset – [Helps you to check how far can take Roy] = IQ Enhancing helmet + Interdimensional Goggles.
  2. IQ Enhancing Helmet – [Helps to boost the weaver’s IQ considerably] = Turbulent Tube Juice + Motherboard + Battery + Supercharged.
  3. Interdimensional Goggles – [Activate the secondary eyes to see by you] = Tin Can + Tin Crystal + Supercharged Battery.
  4. Neutrino Bomb – [You can kill all living things which stand back] = Dark Energy Bell + Motherboard + Supercharged Battery.
  5. Interdimensional Cable Box – [Allows you to watch TV from the any direction] = Time Crystal + Motherboard + Battery + Supercharged.
  6. Time Stabilizing Collar – [Merge the Multiple time zone] = Dog Collar + Time Crystal.
  7. Time Crystal – [Splitting time into Multiple Zones] = Dark Energy Ball + Purified Fleeb.
  8. Gwendolyn Doll – [Always you will get company] = Robot + Love Potion.
  9. Butter Robot – [Why reach for Buttering yourself?] = Tin can + Robot.
  10. Robot – [You can programmed for good or bad] = Motherboard + Supercharged Battery.
  11. Love Potion – [Move things on from your friend zone] = Mutant Bacteria Cell + Purified Fleeb.
  12. Dog Collar – [Not only for dogs] = Tin can + Cable.
  13. Motherboard – [For complex electronics this is an ideal place] = Cable + Circuit board + Battery (not supercharged).
  14. Dark Matter Ball- [Emits a strong gravitational pull] = Turbulent juice Tube + Dark Energy ball.
  15. Mutant Bacteria cell – [This is a smarter Bacteria] = Turbulent juice Tube + bacteria Cell.
  16. Dark Energy Ball – [With a dark force repels matter] = Bacteria Cell + Fleeb.
  17. Purified Fleeb – [Purifying a fleeb to its potent form] = Turbulent juice tube + Fleeb.
  18. Microverse Battery – [Box of slavery with some extra steps] = Dark matter ball + Motherboard + Supercharged battery.
  19. Supercharged battery – [Regular battery getting super charged] = Turbulent Juice Tube + Battery.
  20. Battery – [Enough of these, you can never have more] = Fleeb + Tin can + Cable.
  21. Level up mega seeds – [The Morty’s level will get increases by one] Speed mega seed + Defense mega Seed + Attack Mega Seed.
  22. Courier Flap – [Takes you back to Citadel] = Mutant Bacteria Cell + Motherboard + Battery.
  23. Pure plutonic Rock – [To all the attacks it restores full] = Mutant Bacteria Cell + Battery.
  24. Plutonic rock – [To all the attacks add up to 50% adds] = Bacteria Cell + Battery.
  25. Pure Curum – [Cure all ailments and heals up all HP] = Mutant bacteria Cell + Supercharged Battery + Purified Fleed.
  26. Paralyze Cure – [Cures the paralyzed Morty] = Turbulent Juice + Tin can + Dark energy Ball.
  27. Poison Cure – [Cures a poisoned Morty] = Bacteria Cell + Tin Can + Dark Energy Cell.
  28. Pure halzinger – [Restore the daze Morty up to 100 percent HP] = Mutant Bacteria Cell + Purified Fleeb + Battery.
  29. Halzinger – [Restores the daze Morty up to 50 percent HP] = Bacteria Cell + Fleeb + Battery.
  30. Pure Serum – [All HP heads] = Great Serum + Supercharged Battery.
  31. Sensational Serum – [Heals up 200 HP] = Serum + Supercharged Battery.
  32. Great Serum – [Heals up 50 HP] = Purified Fleeb + Battery.
  33. Serum – [Heals up 20 HP] = Fleeb + Battery.
  34. Morty Manipulator Chip – [With low health captures a wild Morty] = Tin Can + Circuit Board + Supercharged Battery.


Therefore, these are all about the Pocket Mortys Recipes that you can choose from the list above. All the recipes written above are always ready to apply in the Pocket Morty game. Try to apply them in the correct situation such that you can boost up this game in a better way. Hope you all the old, as well as the new players, are satisfied with the content written here about all the recipes of Pocket Morty. All these crafting modes are more than enough to play this game in a better way you can. If you find up any other new recipes then definitely you can use them in the perfect place while playing this superior game.

Pocket Mortys Recipes – Top 30+ Recipes for Mortys Game
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