How about getting a notification for surrounding Pokemon as you wish?  Yes, configure every possible effort with new PokeAlert. Get ready to spy more Pokemon in your area with this new app, which I have used recently and I am very impressed with its all feature.

Unlike Pokezz, this is a new Pokemon Go online map, which all meant to spoof your location and make easier finding Pokmon for Pokemon Go. We all know, this game is to increase the number of Pokemon and grow up your game level here.


We can call it as a part of Pokemon Go hacking tools and when I used it as a new Pokemon scanner tool, the result was amazing. Hence, I have come up with this new app, hope you guys will like it too as I did. Find a download link here, try out this worthy Pokemon hunter app for your device.

PokeAlert – Be sure get Pokemon Alert

Yes, be sure to locate all the Pokemon in your area, whereas the given Pokemon Go map is not worth finding all the Pokemon. Because it takes general way to catch Pokemon, which is quite annoying for the most time. It is not a good way to play all the time going outdoor for Pokemon. Because it is much risky, as we heard many accidental new because of this game for blindly following Pokmon or Pokestation and gym.

Hence, we found many Pokemon scanners that don’t even need walking around to Play Pokemon Go. These kinds of Pokemon Go tricks helps a lot without wasting time walking around. With the help of this app helps to find game characters.

PokeAlert is also the same featuring third-party app, which preloaded with more advanced live Pokemon Go map. This is going to help you enough in terms of finding Pokemon without moving around. But also does come with the advanced features like Pokemon filter, find the values of Pokemon and as well as PokeStop, Gym station of it.

Do more with PokeAlert

As I said, this comes with many advanced features, which I will be mention hereinbelow. And I know you will be much excited to get Pokemon Go scanner. After knowing all the of its features, you can download PokeAlert apk for free. So, let’s know what can be done with this Pokemon Go live map app.

  • Auto detector mode allows finding automatically all nearby Pokemon in your area or those come on your radar. Well, that a nice feature to have when you not checking for it; you will be getting instant notification and hunt for it.
  • Do not walk around as you have PokeAlert; this allows to check in a Pokemon gathering place and you can easily collect more Pokemon or you can say it more chances to hunt for it.
  • The app can show you up the remaining time of a Pokemon in the spot.
  • As most of the Pokemon Scanner shows the recent location of Pokemon but this app show you up real-time location. So, that you can go for hunt instantly unlike before.
  • Find rare Pokemon and get full values of Pokemon with this app, as this makes all values transparent of owned and available nearby Pokemon. By also filtering any specific specification, get the exact notification of upcoming Pokemon that you are looking for.
  • More of that, go for a special hunt looking foe PokeStop, PokeGym with Poke Alert live map app.
  • The app is not graphics intensive, which comes with just between 10-20MB.

[PokeAlert App Review]


PokeAlert download for iOS and Android

Find out where are the rare Pokemon are hiding with your Smartphone. And for that, for sure you will need a Poke_Alert app on your device. Don’t be fooled by fake download, as most of the blogs are coming with fake download link of it.

This PokeSniper does support on both Android and iOS. So, I will be dropping both links to download; the good news is that you can download both for free for your Android and iOS device.

⇓ Download for iOS ⇓

Download for Android

Download the app for your device now and get started with its real-time map for Pokemon detection. And don’t rely on most download link as most of them fake and meant to phish. Hence, find the download link now and see how it work with your device!

Now hunting Pokemon even easier with the PokeAlert app; just set all the configuration and get all the alert for nearby Pokemon. So, if you are struggling to grab more Pokemon in your Pokemon Go then here is a PokeAlert download link for you. And enjoy easy hunting with this app now. Let me by commenting down below in the comment section for any regarding the question in mind and I will try to help as much as possible.


PokeAlert App – Real Time Pokemon Go Map for More Pokemon!
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