PokeCrot is bot software to hack Pokemon Go game, with its amazing live map spoofing. Most of you know may come to know Pokemon Go hacks with your smartphone!

For the Windows PC user or those who using Pokemon Go for PC version, this would be a great treat for more excitement with this Augmented reality game. So, its time to experiment with your PC or laptop, and bag more Pokemon in your list.

Literally, hacking or tricking with PC is going to be more dependable, as this comes with a bigger screen than Smartphone always. Hence, spoofing a location could be easier to locate the pinpoint destination. And also, PC is always powerful than the smartphone to give you the flawless performance without any hiccups.PokeCrot

Hence, it is the time to use PokeCrot app download for your PC which is one of the best Pokemon Go hacking tools for Windows PC/laptop. Let’s dig more about this app so that you can know more about it and also, find a free link to download this bot app for Pokemon Go game.

PokeCrot App Download: Auto Detect Rare Pokemon With PC/Laptop!

PokeCrot is also known as Poke Bot. This is an auto-bot app for Pokemon Go game, which means to help you spoofing Pokemon location. Thus, this going to help to find more of it without less effort than the usual method. I know this is a most convenient term for most of the Pokemon Go hunters, as always moving around for Pokemon is not wise.

Or, in the night time with the usual method, it is harder to play this game right? That is why I have posted many of the top-rated Pokemon Go Map tools. This article also related to the same, but its time for PC user.

Poke-Crot works pretty awesome with PC that helped me a lot sniping rare or specific Pokemon; this also can spoof any location as you desire. Hence, it makes far easier to get into the PokeStation, PokeGym without hard effort. All this means you don’t have to walk around for a Pokemon, Poke Gym or Poke Station. Just be anywhere set your destination and hunt Pokemon; pretty cool; right?download PokeCrot

PokeCrot features: Everything you can do with it

Explore more features of it, as I briefed some of it on just above. But let’s come to know its all features in below and know what can be done with this auto sniping Pokemon hunter.

  • Auto-detection mode really helpful, which automatically detect all the surrounding Pokemon nearby you. Hence, you can pick without wasting much time in your busiest time.
  • Set a location where you want to keep your eye to find Pokemon and Poke Bot will show you up without being there. Just sit in your place with your PC having this PokeBot software and target one by one.
  • How annoying it is when we get a notification for even unwanted things. This is not going to happen with Poke Bot, as this comes filter mode. Set targetted Pokemon, rare Pokemon or rare Pokemon in this application and get a refined notification when it is available.
  • This auto-bot PokeMap is free to download for PC/laptop but it can a little tricky to find a reliable or latest download link for it. Personally, it took me several installations to get the real version of this. So, find the below link for PokeCrot download for PC.
  • Apart from that, you can even go for the special hunt for a specific Pokemon with its special its special hunt feature.

PokeCrot Download for Windows PC/Laptop

As said just before, there are plenty links to download, which are mostly fakes or won’t work on your PC. So, without wasting time find a reliable link for it, get a download link for this Pokemon Scanner for PC.

 [Download PokeCrot PC Free]

How to install the PokeCrot application?

You can install this application easily in your PC but as this would be downloaded as a ZIP file. So, there you will need to go through some steps for it. Don’t worry, it just general steps that you may have done before,

Extract the Zip file:

PokeCrot would be downloaded as Zip file so that you will need to extract it. It can be extracted if you already have installed extracting application (eg. WinRar). Just right-click on the file and choose Extract files. And your Poke-Crot.exe file will be right there.

Install Poke Bot on PC:

Double click on the Poke_Crot.exe file and follow the all installation wizard throughly. App icon of this app will appear on your desktop screen. That is it, your Pokemon Go Scanner for PC is ready to bag more Pokemon than ever.

How to use PokeCrot and grab more Pokemon?

  • Launch Poke Bot app clicking on the icon.
  • You need to enter default Latitude and default Longtitute. Tap Save after then.
  • In next choose your device in the Device section.
  • Now tap on Start Bot and here you go.

⇓ Check Tutorial Video for Poke-Crot or Poke Bot Install and Use Here ⇓

Bear in mind that, all the features can be accessed now. Before you start Bot there config options, where many Pokemon and other Pokemon Go feature can be configured. Just try it out now, which works really perfect to me and hope same for you too.

If you were expecting a powerful Pokemon Go spoofing for your Windows PC then get the PokeCrot now from above-given link. This is all meant to help these game players effortlessly sitting in their home. Hope you have seen how this auto snipping map works on your PC and an installation method also included here.

All need is to download the PokeCrot app now and explore its features to experience this game delightfully. Let me know right down below if you have any queries regarding Poke Bot app and I will be happy to reply with your concern as soon as possible.

Hey, Poke players! also, do let me know if there any good Pokemon Go tools that you know 🙂 I would like to cover up that in my upcoming.

Download PokeCrot App: Auto Detect Pokemon With PC/Laptop!
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