PokeInfo is a great app and essential tools for Pokémon Go players. Whenever you play the Play them, you have to turn on your Wi-Fi or data, Camera and also GPS. And you have to walk into any location in search of Pokémon. This is quite awkward when you realize you are acting funny in Public, holding the phone and point the camera towards the public.

In the other hand, turning on all your device function like GPS, Wi-Fi or data, and the camera will drain your Battery too. So you should have a tool like PokeInfo app, which will not only help you detect the Pokémon near to you but also notify you even if your phone data or Wi-Fi is turned off.PokeInfo

There are so many essential tools and function in PokeInfo app which will help a guide you everything about the Pokémon. Pokémon Go is a very cool game and played by many around the world. And most importantly, you can capture so many Pokémon for yourself and battle with other trainers for some rewards. Many are using different tricks to be the top Pokémon holder and so now you can too! Just grab the PokeInfo app and start exploring a new way of catching and searching Pokémon and get tips for winning any battles.

Key Features of PokeInfo App

  • The PokeInfo app includes defenses data and status which will help you analyze the strength of the opponent Pokémon. You can also check the abilities and stage of evolution of the Pokémon and much more.
  • Locations or Maps is very important which the Pokémon go game is incomplete with the map. Simply the game alone does not show you all the information about the Pokémon in your area or location. So to solve such problem, you will need extra map tools which you are getting on PokeInfo.
  • The Pokémon makes good use of Item which some of them might be unknown to us. So, here with the PokeInfo app, you can get such help too.
  • There is also a calculator for every function like a catch, win battle or strength, This will denote the chances which the Pokémon can capture or win a battle.

PokeInfo App download for Android

The PokeInfo app is available in the Google Play store, so if you got your Google account, then you can easily start downloading the App on your Android smartphone.  The app is free to download and is a perfect companion for playing the Pokémon Go game. With so many features shown above, it is sure that to be a perfect Pokémon trainer, you need this App. So, below are the steps by which you can easily download and install the PokeInfo app on your phone.

Steps to Install

  • To download the PokeInfo app- Click here
  • Now you will be redirected to the official website of Play store
  • Next click on the install button to download and install the app
  • Finally, you got your PokeInfo App on your Phone.

How to use the PokeInfo app?

Once you have downloaded and installed the App, now you can easily use the app. There is no need for sign up, all you need to do is, open the app and start using the functions which will be a great help for you to play Pokémon Go game.

There are many functions of PokeInfo which can be managing for using on the Pokémon Go game. Technically, both Pokémon Go and PokeInfo are of different developers, but one with the help of PokeInfo you can easily sync your Pokémon Go account to use while playing.

Well, now let us see how to use the PokeInfo app for playing the Pokémon Go game smoothly.

1.      Pokedex for identifying Pokémon 

There are more than 800+ different type of Pokémon in the game itself. So if you are confused about the identity of a particular Pokémon, then you can easily get all the details about it. You can also identify what type the Pokémon is? Besides, there is also a list of Pokémon with their full information. So you can also manually check for the details for every Pokémon in the list.Pokemon info details

  • To open the Pokedex
  • Click on the Menu and tab on Pokedex
  • Now you can scroll and see the information about the Pokémon which are unknown to you

2.      Map & Location

Another important tool which requires while playing the Pokémon Go game is the Map. There is a map which shows you Pokémon present in the area. Unlike the Pokémon Go game, you will see only the empty map, but with the help of PokeInfo, it will display all type of Pokémon in your location.

  • To open the Map
  • click on the menu and tab on Map or Location
  • Now here you can enter and select any location to view the available Pokémon

3.  Items

There are Pokémon Items like the Poke ball, scent, food items, eggs and other important tools which is necessary while playing the game. So with the help of PokeInfo, you will also get information about every item of the Pokémon. So you can lure the Pokémon which is coming near to you and help you capture them smoothly.

  • To open the items
  • Click on the Menu and tab on item
  • Finally, you will find all the Items available in your Pokedex or your collection in your Pokémon Go app.

4.  Type Chart

There is also an option in this app which will allow you to watch or view on the Type of the Pokémon and their strength or weakness. There is a chart of every Pokémon which you can read their strength, and thus it will help you to predict the Pokémon before you let them to battle.PokeInfo download

  • To open the Type Chart
  • Click on the Menu and tab on Type Chart
  • Finally, you will find all sort of strength which you wish to know

5. Gym Leader

This app will not only give you information about the Pokémon but also the trainer as well as the gym leader. All the information like how many battles wins or loses, best fight status and much more.

  • To open the Gym Leader
  • Click on the menu and enter into the Gym Leader option
  • Finally, know all the information you wish to get.

Notes: It also includes other features in this app which will give you benefit while playing the game and helps you to apply the game tricks perfectly.

So these are the complete details by which you can easily download and install the PokeInfo app on your android smartphone. This is reliable app when you play the Pokémon go app, unlike other Pokemon Go tracer. important functions like the Map, Type chart, and other function is very sensitive when battling with other Pokémon. And once you knew the weakness, you can win every time you battle. Download the app now and enjoy the great gaming experience.

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