Pokemap is an essential tool for playing the Pokémon Go game. This is an Augmented Reality game, which will use the phone’s GPS, camera, etc. And this game is quite unusual from other game. Using the GPS, mean they use your real-world location to hunt the Pokémon. The game is design in such a way that both the Virtual and real world are coming together to give you advance gaming experience.

The Pokémon Go game becomes hectic as you have to walk around the location in search of Pokémon. And without any clue where the Pokémon is! You simply have to turn on your Pokémon Go game on your and move here and there. So to get the Pokémon live status location, you will need the Pokemap app. using the tracking app; at least you don’t have to walk around blindly. All the Pokémon will display on its map, and then you can mark or note the location to find them in your real world.PokeMap

Just like the Amine series- Pokémon here in this Game you will have to capture and train the Pokémon. And likewise, in the game you will find Pokémon in your Location and once found, your camera will automatically turn on and show you’re a virtual Pokémon appearing on the screen before the real world environment.  And now a Poke ball will appear which you will throw to capture them.

So now let us discuss the process of downloading the this Pokemon scanner app and make the game more interesting way to play. Meanwhile, you can also see the Features of the Pokemap App below-

Features of Pokemap: All you need to know

Free to Use- This Pokemon tracer is a free app for download, they are handy which will help you to play games and search the Pokémon in your area.

No Login/Sign up required- Once you download the app, you don’t have to sign up or log in to use the app. All you will do is open the map, and you can start seeing many Pokémon on the map.

Ads free app- While playing any games, the most annoying thing that appears is the ads. But using this Pokemap, you will never see any ads. And thus making you get don’t get any annoying kinds of stuff on the app.

Fast Pokémon Scanning- The best thing about this map is that they provide fast scanning that shows all the Pokémon within few seconds. They will also show you Pokémon Gym and Poke stop, which you will find only in this app. So you don’t have to wander around the map in your Pokémon Go game, simply get the app and enjoy all Pokémon Gym and Pokestop along with the Pokémon.

Maps– besides the Pokémon game-related features, the app also has its awesome features like the map which displays the live location and status regarding the Pokémon in your area.

How to Download Pokemap App?

The app is not available in the Google Play store. They only so you have to download the APK file of this app. Pokémon Go game is a very restricted game which allows only the premium items for playing the game. While using it, you will bypass all the premium items special when it is about searching and hunting Pokémon.  Well, now let us discuss Pokemap Apk download.

But before you download the APK file, you must first enable the unknown source. Unless you enable the unknown the unknown source, you won’t be able to install any file on your Android smartphone. So to enable them, follow the steps below-

Go to your Phone Setting> Security> Device Administration> enable Unknown Source

Steps to install The App for Android:

After you have to change the setting on your Device, now you can freely download and install any Apk app on your phone. Here below are the following steps by which you can download and install the PokeMap.

Note: The official Pokémon map site where you can find the real time Pokémon appearing on the map.    

How to use the PokeMap app?

The Poke map comes in two platforms, one coming in the form of App and other on the website. Both the platform gives you exact information about the Pokémon in your Area. All you need is either the app or simply login to the official site via your phone browser to access into the app.

So after you have downloaded the App, now you can easily start searching for the desired Pokémon on your area and location. Just remember to turn on your GPS of your Phone, keep the Pokémon Go app handy and then open the app to start with it.

Steps to use the PokeMap App

  • Open the PokeMap App.
  • Now you don’t have to sign up or log in to use the app
  • Once you open the App, you will find the Map, and then options like Location search and enter Pokémon Name along with the GPS
  • Now enter the current location where you are staying
  • Next, once you enter the location, type and enter the name of the Pokémon which you want to search
  • Finally, get all the Pokémon which are searching for your location.

Important Note: There is also another way to search for Pokémon using the Poke-Map, i.e., using the phone browser. And the process is same in both the cases.


So these are the complete details by which you can easily download and install the PokeMap App on your Smartphone. They are one of the best tools for searching Pokémon which will also make the game more interesting using the App. There are many tools on the internet which are fake and do not work, but here the PokeMap is the Pokémon Go official app they will help you get the real-time result for every Pokémon on its map. Download the App now.

PokeMap App – Download To Detect Pokemon With Live Map!
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