In the Global challenge of Pokemon Go, all trainers have finished the final stage Professor Willow’s global challenge and unlocked a no. of bonuses. Actually, Pokemon Go has wrapped up the 2018 Summer Tour in the Yokosuka, Japan and the trainers have finished their stage easily. Officially, the trainer bonus has declared and goes live on 3rd September 2018. In this launching event, every trainer got 2X Stardust in per hatch and 3X Stardust in per catch. Besides that, the trainer can also achieve 3,000 no. of Stardust in the completion of every raid battle.

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To double the number of Stardust, you can also use the Star Pieces which is last for an hour completely. The declared and launched bonuses will remain in effect until 10th September 2018 surely. These are the Trainer bonuses which you can use until the date which is declared officially for the trainers.

Legendary bonus – Moltres Day:

If you are thinking that the trainer bonuses are the things which the trainers unlock then you are wrong. Besides those bonuses, the advance bonus named Moltres day will get unlock on 8th September 2018. After launching, the Mother will provide you with the legendary Pokemon which will appear to the gyms around the globe for three hours only. The Pokemon trainers after finding Pokemons also get a good chance with sufficient time such that they can able to catch the Shiny Moltres easily.

While you will get proceed for catching or encountering the legendary Moltres, in the meantime you can also avail Raid bonus Passes. Now by spinning up the photo disc at the gyms point, a trainer can earn more 5 raid passes according to the condition. One catch is there, you can only avail a single Raid pass at a time only. Check out the below list which will be the timetable for the Moltres to be launch officially in different regions:

  • Green Land and America: Morning 11:00 AM to Noon 2:00 PM PDT (GMT -7)
  • India, Europe, Africa, Middle East: Morning 9:00 AM to Noon 12:00 PM UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Asia Pacific region – Noon 12:00 PM to Noon 3:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

Advance ultra bonus:

Following the Moltres legendary bonus, the team of Pokemon Go has officially announced the Ultra bonus which is being advanced for the Pokemon trainers. The Mewtwo day is the only prominent thing about to avail the Ultra advanced bonus. According to the Pokemon team, the Mewtwo day is only accessible if you go through the Pokemon Go EX Raid system only.

This EX Raid is known as the most special event which is provided to some of the selected trainers through invitation while they defeat a legendary Raid at some perfect gym situated at stores and parks which are sponsored. The reason behind the invitation is to maintain the perfect time and raid location as well.


This bonus is only necessary for the trainers or the professionals who are the best competitors in the raid of this game. Use this bonus and catch the best powerful Pokemon as you can.

Mythical Pokémon Deoxys:

In Pokemon Ruby i.e. in the 3rd Generation, the Deoxys was first introduced. This mythical bonus is available outside the EX Raid system only. The forms included in the mythical type are defense, speed attack, and normal move. According to the trainers if the Mythical Deoxys bonus is introduced in the game then this will become the most powerful mod for the professionals and the trainers too.

So, keep using these bonuses in your game such that you can boost them at the highest level while you will play it in competition level. All the bonuses given here can be applied in the game following the proper terms and conditions only. Be careful that you are using the proper bonus in the perfect time at the given time as usual.

Pokemon Go Introduced Bonus For Trainers Adding New Levels
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