Free Pokemon Go for PC Download – Complete Guide!!

Gamers have got a funny psychology. If not for all, but for maximum, they like to imagine there gaming characters walking the streets, driving down the road, sitting on a bench in a park and what not. In actual, they like to reside in the world of games where they can have a constant interaction with the gaming adventures and characters. Niantic has sensed this and developed Pokémon Go which allows the player to play a location based denoted reality game.  This reality game has been designed to run on iOS and Android devices. But as you know, games are best enjoyed in desktop despite having disadvantages of its mobility, weight and what not. So, in here I will be explaining all about Pokemon Go for PC.  pokemon go for PC

In your school days, you must have heard or rather watched the Pokémon shown on Cartoon Network as it was really very popular. Many of us even played the show during the recess hours by jumping into characters as defined in Pokémon show. Well, Niantic with collaboration with Nintendo made you to again relive those past days and endorse having fun and excitement in your busy schedule. In here, though the topic is all related to all about getting this awesome game app apk into your PC, still I will be delegating you to get a brief and explicit idea regarding this game app. You will definitely be stunned as well as excited to get the experience by getting to know all about it.

Pokemon Go for PC: Features in Brief

The game has introduced some exciting features. Before getting to know all the procedures of how to get it in your PC let me introduce to you those features that have made it one of a kind game.

  • This exciting game show utilizes your device’s GPS to locate, battle, capture and train the Pokémon. They appear on the screen of your device as if they are in the same locality where you are. This makes the game more reality based and adventurous too.
  • You must know about the Easter Eggs. Pokemon Go has introduced some Easter Eggs for its fans to enjoy the game with more potential.
  • You have got a nice trading option in the Pokemon Go. You can trade your Pokémon with your friend to get the one which you do not possess.
  • Well, before every fight if you get some preparations done then it is obviously better. This awesome game provides you to have a friendly battle among friendly Pokemon.
  • The point to be discussed is not one of its present features, but it will soon be released when the game will get released worldwide. Pokémon Go will include some legendary Pokémon characters in the game.
  • As already mentioned before, it is a reality based augmented location based game. Thus, it also facilitates you to play the game by visualizing the game characters for real via your phone’s camera.Pokemon Go for Computer

Are not the features of the game exciting? Well yes, now it is high time for you to get to know about how to get Pokemon Go for PC. But before that, let me give you a brief idea on getting this popular game app apk in your Android even.

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Pokemon Go for PC: Steps to Get Started

Till now you have got a brief idea regarding what the game is all about. You must have known even regarding what I meant when said reality based augmented location based game. Now, to get through the game on your Android put a glance over the pinned down steps.

  • To download any file from unknown sources, you must enable the option of unknown sources by going to the security settings option of your device.
  • Enabling this will make the apk file of Pokemon Go to get downloaded. Well, it is purely a matter of time since the whole of the downloading process depends upon the speed of your internet connection.
  • As the download of the apk file gets completed, tap open it.
  • Tapping it to open initializes the installation process of Pokémon Go for PC. But before that make sure you have marked agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the game app apk to get run on your device.

The whole of the installation process follows some few seconds. And finally, with the completion of the installation, your device gets the license to run this awesome game in your device. Getting it on the PC too follows more or less same process.Pokemon go for Windows

  • You need to download an emulator. You must know what an emulator does. It simply converts the platform of your device to function just like another platform. So, you may download BlueStacks and go on with the entire process defined below.
  • Click and open the downloading link of the apk file of Pokémon Go. Like Android, to download it on your PC it will take few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  • As the downloading of the apk file gets completed, click and open the file. This will then be followed by the process of installation.
  • But, before that make sure that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions described. This will be needed to let your PC get to run the game.

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The above-mentioned steps of Pokemon Go for PC are no doubt simple and easy. Follow these to enjoy the true fun of gaming mixed with adventure and excitement. Playing it on your PC would be more pleasant on a bigger display. Let me know if you have any issues following any steps by commenting below in the comment section.

Free Pokemon Go for PC Download – Complete Guide!!
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