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Youngsters and kids from the nineties know well about Pokemon as this was the best of the television show of that time. Many have good emotion touch with that show. Now after long days, it is time to get nostalgic again as Pokémon is back again on the market. This time it is in the form of the game. Since its launch, it has got a huge response as expected and many gave positive reviews about this game. Here the discussion topic will be different. Here we will talk about Pokemon Go for iOS, you will get all kinds of information regarding the Pokemon go for iPhone and iPad.

Especially for those who are new, this article will surely help them to get all the necessary information they need to know play this game on their iOS device. Below we will also state the steps for the download and the basic requirements. But before we begin the discussion let me inform make sure you implement those steps properly or else the game won’t work on an iOS device. You can also read about 10+ Top List of Games like Pokemon Go which you can download and install.

pokemon go for iOS

Download Pokemon Go for iOS or iPhone

Given below are the important steps for Pokemon Go for iOS download, these should help you to get the Pokémon go on your device easily. So let’s check out the steps.

  1. To get the game first, head to the iTunes option which is the apps store for the iOS devices.
  2. Now, sign in into the account and once you are done you are into iTunes.
  3. Now there will be a search option at the panel so just click on that.
  4. There write the name of Pokémon go and tap on it.
  5. Tapping it will begin the download on your iPhone or iOS device.
  6. That’s it the step is very simple.pokemon for iPhone

There is another way to get the Pokémon Go an iOS device. The process is by jailbreaking. So given below are the steps to get the Pokémon go by jailbreak. Previously I have also discussed Pokemon Go Apk Download For Android latest version & install guide.

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Download Pokemon Go for iOS by Jailbreaking

Given here are the steps which will help you to get the game with the help of jailbreak system. All the steps are easy to go through if you do it carefully.

  1. Download a third party repository like Cydia.
  2. As now you have it is on your device go into it and explore the source tab.
  3. Now there, select the edit option and then select the add option.
  4. Now simply copy and paste this URL given on the Cydia.
  5. Select the add source option.
  6. Now once this is over get back into the Cydia Now the repository will be on your device.
  7. The only task which is left out now is a search for the Pokémon Xcon from there and here it is.
  8. Click on that and it will start installing. That’s it you can now enjoy the game.

Things should know about Pokemon Go for iOS

Here we will mention out some of the things you should know about Pokémon go.

  • After the introduction of the Pokémon cartoon the Pokémon go is the only thing which gave the users the real feeling of Pokémon.
  • In this game, you have to catch the Pokémon’s which is been displayed on your device screen.
  • You can even train your Pokémon’s for any future battle.
  • Your device should have GPS so that the game can help you in mapping.
  • The gaming experience on this game is very smooth and most importantly it is very exciting as compared to that of other games.
  • In some nations, this game is banned as many faced serious injuries while playing as they focus more on the device and not on the way.
  • The user interface of this system is very developed as compared to that of other games.Pokemon go for Apple
  • The overall popularity of this game is very high as compared to that of other games and the popularity is increasing at an alarming rate.
  • The game is available on different platforms like Android, IOS, and windows which just increases the feel of this game.
  • Changing and searching of Pokémon’s are really very easy with this.
  • The more levels and Pokémon’s you catch the tougher the games go on which just increases the feel of the game.
  • The overall rating of this game from across the globe is just too awesome and there are hardly any negative reviews about this game.

So these were some of the information’s which will surely help you to know more about this amazing app. These information’s are very important for the new gamers. Now we will show you how you can easily play this game and take the most of the fun from it.

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How to play the Pokemon Go on an iPhone?

Given below are the steps which will help you to play the Pokémon go game easily and smoothly. For those who are new to this game, this steps will surely help them out.

  • To start with you have to open the app and you will be welcomed with a small introduction by professor Willow.
  • Once the small introduction gets over the game begins. Mainly the game is divided into three part the first is catching the Pokémon’s the second is going to the poke stops and the third is the Pokémon gym.
  • So to catch a Pokémon you have to simply follow the route and search for the Pokémon’s. Once you get the Pokémon get near it and tap on that and there few steps will appear and after that, the Pokémon will be on your list.pokemon go for iOS smartphone
  • The poke stops are very important they are nothing but some of the primary location which will help you in getting many important items. So it is very important you get into a poke stop. This stops will surely help you in getting different types of Pokémon’s.
  • There is a location known as the gym which will help the gamers to train and help you to battle with other Pokémon’s. This is a very important place to give a hike to your Pokémon’s on your list.
  • You can even search out your nearby Pokémon’s which will definitely help you to catch those Pokémon’s.
  • Searching Pokémon’s on this game is very easy but in some cases, you relay need to walk a lot to catch those.

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Last Words:

So these were all the necessary information which you will need if you want to play Pokemon go for iOS device. There are millions of people who are following these steps and have got a satisfactory result. We are quite sure if you follow these steps you can surely make out from this game. So what you are waiting for use these steps and get the game on your iOS device. After following these steps if you find any difficulties then please comment us.

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