Pokemon Go is a most popular game, which recently introduces a wonderful update on Lucky Pokemon. Depending on that, yesterday Pokemon Go bonus has makes the Lucky Pokemon stronger than earlier. To provide the best and useful features for the players, Pokemon Go always gives the 100 percent effort in all sense. Like, before few days they have launched the feature of trainer bonus for playing this game in a more advanced level. According to the news, on the last week, Pokemon Go makes some changes in the process of how to get Luck Pokemon easily by any players. After that, it is the time to make the Luck Pokemon stronger than earlier.

One thing we want to clear you at first that Luck Pokemon are much stronger than the normal Pokemon. To boost up the Luck Pokemon you need less Stardust as compare to the normal Pokemon. In normal Pokemon, you need to give more Stardust. Thus, it is very much easy to grow the level up the Lucky Pokemon and use them in the big raid and battles. To play the Pokemon game more efficiently, it requires using Lucky Pokemon more rather than the normal one.

What is New in strong Lucky Pokemon?

We already told you that Lucky Pokemon is more active and useful than compare to the normal ones. Pokemon developers explained at the time of pre-launched Lucky Pokemon that if a player is going to trade with older Pokemon then it is more beneficial to all. If we compare the new owner and the old owner of Lucky Pokemon then old owners are more luck than the new one. As a result, those who deal with or having Pokemon from last July 2016, then it will be the best Shiny, powerful Pokemon compare to the Pokemon you get in the last week.

According to the Pokemon Go team, those who traded or caught the Pokemon from July 2016 or August 2016 then it will definitely become one Lucky Pokemon. If anybody is continuing this trading process from those days, then trader surely has almost 10 nos. lucky Pokemon in the collection list. Besides that, Lucky Pokemon also having the higher amount of IVs compare to an early time. IVs are stats which is very much ‘secret’ and helps you to determine the Pokemon relative strength compared to other species Pokemon. Previously, Lucky Pokemon has at least 10 nos. of IVs but now the Lucky Pokemon has 12 no. of IVs.

Final Words:

At last, it has been seeming that users get new changes while they are dealing with the old trading Pokemon origin from the Kanto region. Before releasing the Pokemon Let’s Go version, the Pokemon Go is trying their best to get the bulk players on the list of Kanto Collection. The anew Pokemon Go is going to be advance compare the existing one because it will allow the existing players to transfer from Pokemon Go to the Kanto Pokemon in game. One thing we want to clear you that in Pokemon game, trading is most important and if you are doing trading for a long time with Pokemon then it is more beneficial now.

Pokemon Go Now Makes ‘Lucky Pokemon’ More Stronger
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