Many of the apps that act as a tool for the game Pokemon Go is not all available in Google Play Store. PokeSensor App is one of those apps which are not yet officially available to download for Android device. For getting fast progress into the game one must install PokeSensor APK on your smartphone. This application impressively scans the Pokemon that are present into your nearby or from any location. In this way, this app is beneficial for playing Pokemon Go game. Continue to read to know more about the PokeSensor App.PokeSensor app

What is PokeSensor App?

PokeSensor is an essential App for those who love to play to “Pokemon Go” on their Android device. It impressively scans all the available Pokemon that are nearby your location or any other location. And this just means that playing the game, you don’t have to put much effort in searching Pokemon like before necessarily.


It is well-designed with a clean and native interface with easy controls functions. While using this app, you are allowed to provide a small footprint and leave it on the GO servers. And this will help you and others players of the game to search for the location by using native map.

It will depend only on the servers that are suggested by the “Pokemon Go,” ignoring all the available third-party servers. PokeSensor real-time time that gives you the access to search Pokemon in the virtual reality game.

Key Features of the PokeSensor App:

Speaking about the features of the PokeSensor App, which is perhaps a tool for Pokemon Go game. It is rich in its functions and best for the game to help you level up.

features of pokesensor

  • Quickly scan for the nearby Pokemon from near or any location.
  • It points out all the detected Pokemon in the scan area.
  • Check on the remaining time for each particular Pokemon.
  • It impressively scans a distance of like 2km of the radius.
  • It is designed to clean, comfortable controls and then native interface.
  • You can do customization by scanning the distance or scan speed.
  • Search for the locations set by the name or address as well.
  • PokeSensor also relies on the servers of the Pokemon Go and no other that is third-party servers.

Here you have learned about the features if the PokeSensor App. Into the next section, you will know how to download and install PokeSensor APK.

Download PokeSensor Apk for Android and Install:

Must you be looking for the PokeSensor App file to download from play store? Then let me remind you that it is not available to download officially due to some reason. For now, you can go for the alternative option of the file download, and that is APK file. Here I will mention the steps to download and install PokeSensor Apk on your Android Phone.

  • First Step: At first you will have to change the settings on your phone. Go to the settings and allow the installation of unknown sources on your device.
  • Second Step: Now click on the link that is just below. And it will take you to the file download page of PokeSensor App.

[Download here]

  • Third Step: When you finish downloading the PokeSensor Apk on your phone. Visit the destination of the file folder.
  • Fourth Step: Tap on the APK file, and then you will receive install option. Tap to continue the process.

Now you will have to wait patiently until the file installation process of PokeSensor is complete. And then you will be receiving a notification on your phone where it says the successfully installed. After that, you can start launching the app on your Smartphone. Start to search for the location of the Pokemon and to catch them is easier than before. Make a customization into the scan distance of up to limited radius.

Enjoy the clean and native interface with the smooth controls of PokeSensor App to play Pokemon Go game. Get this application on your selected Android device today and take all the benefits that have to offer to its users.


PokeSensor App – An Impressive Pokemon Scanner for Android | Free Download!
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