Pokesniper 2 is an impressive application that is developed for both Android and iOS device. And if you have already used Pokesniper then you are going to enjoy this 2nd version very well. It is the very useful application for those who love to play Pokemon Go game. This app helps you to locate and catch Pokemon very easily without wasting much of time.

Pokesniper 2 is now packed with rich features that make Pokemon Go game more fun and easy to handle. Now catching rare Pokemon will not be a big task for you, not any longer. In this article, we have gathered all the details information that you need to know about Pokemon Go scanner Application for Smartphone.

Pokesniper 2 App: Few Words!

Time to get the coordinates of the rare Pokémon into the list of live real-time, Pokesniper helps you search some of the rarest Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Go game.  Catch them in time or else they will just disappear and the coordinates are very easy to copy. Get the latitude and longitude in a separate way just swipe on the right in Pokesniper, and then on the left for copying the coordinates. pokesniper 2 appSearch for your most favorite Pokémon by using the filters list and choose any one of them. Oder any Pokémon choosing different options, and simply type the name of the Pokémon to search them. Keep on reading the article till the end to know more about Pokesniper.

Important features of Pokesniper 2 App:

Speaking of the features of Pokesniper Application, it is filled with lots of impressive features. Check out the important features of the app provided below in a list.

  • Search for the rarest Pokémon and make a collection of your favorite one
  • Locate the most exotic Pokémon that is available nearest to your location.
  • Look for the exact coordinates of the Pokémon with the Pokesniper.
  • Using Pokemon sniper app you can also teleport from any coordinate into another, all you need is just one single tap to catch Pokémon without even walking a step.
  • It is completely safe to use and risk-free when made a comparison with any other app similar to this.
  • Pokesniper 2 App is available to download free and use both Android and iPhone device.

In the meantime, you can find the rarest 100IV class Pokémon with Pokemon map app on your phone. All of this above-provided list of features makes the app most demanding to play Pokémon Go game.

Download Pokesniper 2 App on Android?

Pokesniper is so far officially available to download in Apple App Store but not in Google Play Store. To download the Application you have to select the alternative way of the file download, and that is you need to get Apk file. Here you will learn the ways to download Pokesniper apk on Android phone. Just simply go through the steps that are given below in details.download pokesniper 2 app

[Note: Right before you begin download steps of Pokesniper 2 APK file, always remember to keep empty space on your phone memory. When you download the file without free available space on your Android then the process will fail.]

  • Step 1: At the first moment, go to this download link by simply clicking on it to get the APK file.
  • Step 2: To download the app on your phone choose the download button.
  • Step 3: Choose the file download folder location before you start the process.
  • Step 4: Wait for a moment until the download which will take only a few minutes.

With these steps followed, you have successfully finished the Apk file download of Pokesniper. Now the next part is about the steps on how to install the APK file on Android device.

Install Pokesniper 2 APK on Android?

In this section, we will guide you how to install the Apk file of Pokesniper on your phone. Just follow these necessary instructions that are mentioned below in stepwise.

[Note: To get a successful installation of Apk file on any Android device, it is compulsory to bring some changes into the behaviors of your device. Third-party application cannot be simply installed on your phone with the changed being made.]

  • Step 1: At first, it is very important to change the settings of your device.
  • Step 2: Open the security settings on your phone screen.
  • Step 3: Scroll down the page until you see the option device administration setting.
  • Step 4: Just below, tap on the box of unknown sources to give your device the permission for installing APK file.
  • Step 5: Locate the folder destination of Pokesniper APK on your phone memory.
  • Step 6: Tap on the file and then you will get the install option, just select it to continue the process.

When the installation process is complete you will be notified on your phone with notification. Wait there is more to know we also forgot to mention the features of Pokesniper App.

Use Pokesniper for more Pokemon Go Hunt

Earlier in this post, you have already learned the download and installation procedure of Pokesniper for Android phone. Here we will show you steps to use it to play the game Pokémon Go.

  • Step 1: As soon as you launch the game you will receive pop-ups screen with APK agreement. Just simply click on the Ok or you can choose cancel button.
  • Step 2: From the menu option you just have to click on the Accounts tab, and then select “Add Account”.
  • Step 3: Now fill your login details of “Pokémon Go trainers club” or simply the Google account whichever you use.
  • Step 4: Now add the credentials and then you have to turn “ON” the Google Account option.
  • Step 5: To find out the home coordinates you can use this site, click on this link.
  • Step 6: Set your location with long coordinates like 36.778261,-119.417932, by doing so you will be able to ignore the soft ban, Pokémon fled. Now choose the save option.
  • Step 7: Turn back into the menu option and then click on the Hunt coordinates option.
  • Step 8: Now choose “Pokesnipers.apk” and then copy the available coordinates of your most favorite Pokémon.
  • Step 9: Once aging return to the homepage of Pokesniper and then choose saved A/C. Right below select the Pokémon which you wish to snipe and then enter the coordinates of the particular Pokémon. Hit the button to “snipe those bitches”.

In this way, you have successfully caught a rare Pokémon of your choice. Now you can simply go to the Pokémon Go app to make verification and then complete.

Pokesniper 2 F.A.Q

1: Why do Pokémon always gets flee?

Answer – This means that you are facing softban, for this all you need to do is wait for least 10 minutes to 6 hours maximum. If you carefully follow the guides on the home coordinates than most possibly you will get any soft banned.

2: Why the application simply getting crashed, when I hit the snipe those Pokémon Button?

Answer – In this case, you have to check out all the necessary settings or accounts and then type the valid input too.

3: Why the Pokesniper application forces close on startup?

Answer – you can just try to uninstall the previous version, and then, later on, try installing the latest version. If still, any problem arises then you must report about it.

4: Why I am always receiving the errors of Pokesniper Apk force closes?

Answer – To fix this problem, simply try these steps that will help you get away from the trouble. First go to the settings, open the app and then choose PokeSniper to force stop. Now clear up the cache, data and toggle Airplane mode. Restart your device and then remove the old version replace it by installing the latest version.

5: When can I possibly ignore any the softban from sniping?

Answer – If it comes to singing that has become quite harder than ever. The only way to ignore the possibility of the ban while sniping is going simply waits for 2 hours in each snipe.

At present, Pokémon Go game has become one of the most trending games in the Smartphone through worldwide. Here we have provided all the necessary information that you need on Pokesniper. We hope this information was very helpful to you, to install or download and use the Pokesniper 2 App. Use this application is very helpful and easy to find Pokémon and catch them effortlessly.

Pokesniper 2 App Download: The Best Pokemon Hunter Right Here!
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