PokeTown app is meant especially for the Pokemon Go players. This means those game lovers who play Pokemon Go most of the time would love this app. In actual, to find any Pokemon in the town this app provides the desired locations that you are looking for. However, when you download this application, you will examine a satellite with which you can easily trace the Pokemon locations. Just tap and search for the closest Pokemon. Yet PokeTown app not only locates the rare Pokemon but also scans the best one and then you can live with a number of pets that you desire.

Once you download this app, you will be wondering how beautifully the app can find Pokemon location. So, having this app would be more awesome to add more Pokemon to your list. Now download this app and caught hold more Pokemon as you like.

The download link will be provided for you so that you can enjoy playing and catching Pokemon. Millions of people have downloaded this app and now it’s your turn to find the link provided below and enjoy real-time game having experience with all the trainers around.


PokeTown App – Best Location Guide for Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game (AR) which is being developed by Niantic both for iOS and Android. Pokemon Go app is specially meant to catch live pets and play. So, as much you caught hold, more achievement is there for you. Also, know that every game that you play also shows up with an app to enjoy with Pokemon pets. So which is the best one app? Well, in my case, I would suggest you download the PokeTown app.

This is a third party app which can easily find the place where Pokemon is hidden and have a real-time battle with your friends. It does have a Filter feature that mostly allows filtering the locations. Also, this app notifies earlier and helps you to keep track all the nearest Pokemon. Now discover and be the first to catch the entire rarest Pokemon in your town wherever and whenever. Since your main motive is to catch rare Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, Stantler etc, and add it in your PokeTown, this app will be the most accurate one. With this, you can simply find all the hidden character and play along with friends.

Now start searching unique character and explore the PokeTown world. Even when you unite you can play a real-time battle against another. As this is the coolest application search for new pets and trained them for victory.

Unique Features of PokeTown App:

To enjoy the most real-time augmented game Pokemon Go, this app will do awesome work. As of today, they are the best finder to find the exact location of your pets. So what are you still thinking let’s check the unique features of Poketown?

  1. Allow the app to find the closest location of Pokemon. You will not find any unwanted location with the help of this app.
  2. The full 3D view can be enjoyed to explore the PokeTown world. Now find all the hidden area with an incredible adventure.
  3. This also helps to find the description of each Pokemon, and how, what is its capability.
  4. The app is free to download both for Android and iOS platform.
  5. You can select your own trainer and play the game as the guidelines provided on the gameplay screen.
  6. Since one Pokemon is not enough to defeat all the battle, you need to start searching for it. In that case, this app would work incredibly to find out for you. A magnifying glass would work effectively.
  7. The capsule button in the menu would work effectively to buy new Pokemon feature for you. Now, you can start catching them one by one.
  8. Now you can start battling with your new pets. Press the fight button.

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Since now you knew its important features, it’s time to download this app. Steps will be provided below.

How to Download PokeTown Apk File?

Since the app is not available in Google Play Store you can click on the direct download link provided. But for iOS devices, it is available in the App Store.

Download PokeTown Apk for Android

Download PokeTown for iOS

  • The moment you click on the Apk download link, you will be automatically directed to the second page.
  • Now select the download option shown on the screen.
  • Downloading will get complete within a very short time depending on the internet connection.

In this way, you can easily download the app on your device. Now you have to learn the installation step.

How to Install PokeTown App?

Just the way you have downloaded, installation is also very easy and simple. But you need to make some changes on your devices.

NOTE: To install the APK file, you need to perform certain changes on your Android device. Firstly, visit your device settings. Secondly, open the Security Settings now scroll up and down on your phone screen. Now below the Device administrations, you will see unknown sources option. Click on that.

  • It is time to go back to the home screen and find the downloaded file.
  • Click on the downloaded Apk file and start the installation process.

This way you can easily complete installing and enjoy the game. Simple open the game the moment it’s seen on the home screen.

PokeTown app is beneficial for those who love to collect pets. So now, help them grow with love and affection and teach them how to fight against enemies. Soon, you will be able to trace the Pokemon location with the help of this app. Now you can freely adventure and open all the hidden area of the Pokemon and its town. Also, make new friends with the trainers all around the town and start four trainers battle. If you happen to love this app then download link is provided.

PokeTown App – Best Location Guide for Pokemon Go
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