Pokiimap is a map extension for Pokemon Go game that offers accurate navigation to the traced Pokemon. Tracing Pokemon never been easy with the default map of Pokemon Go game. Hence, we can see a lot of Pokemon Go scanner on the internet, which basically helps to trace Pokemon in a better way or I hope you know what these apps can do. Well, the problem is most of them doesn’t even work and some them support in some regions. That is why you might have seen many reviews of online Pokemon Go Maps.

Because some of them may not work in some regions, some OS exclusive, and some are fake as said already. In our past posts, you can have any of them and this is pretty sure that those are not fake. Here I have come up with another working Pokemon Go map for the Android users.

This can be downloaded on your Android device only but it can’t be downloaded from Google Play Store. Don’t worry, here in this article you can download PokiiMap apk for free of cost.pokiimap app

Pokiimap – Download Apk for Android

This modified map is created by KiiDev and it is very useful in terms of tracing Pokemon. Not only that but it also can set some characters that you need. So that, you will get notified when you are near to that specific Pokemon without being shuffled by random notification. No unnecessary alert Pokemon that you don’t even need.

It continuously scans in the area that you are like in default gameplay. But the specialty of this app is to spoof location. Yes, this is the main feature to use and I know most of this game players wish for in Pokemon Go game. Now with the Pokiimap app, you will be able to play this augmented reality game without going to that place (but you need to interact as being there).

Check in to the Pokemon crowd area or enter the name that you are looking for it will navigate you to the nearby with its live map. And this is how it makes the way easier than before to hunt a Pokemon. I will provide a download link for PokiiMap apk for Android installation. Before we jump into the download, let me highlight the features of PokiiMap down below.

Pokiimap – Everything you can do with it

  • Location spoofing is the most useful feature you could have in this app. That allows you to check in any place that you want and take you to that location to hunt Pokemon. Now, if you know any better PokeStop, just check in to that location and hunt it effortlessly without being there.
  • To find a Pokemon character, just enter the name that you want. And it will show you up nearby location and take you there with live map navigation.
  • Update you for any existing Pokemon in your region even in the background or when you are not playing the game.
  • It uses accurate mapping with latitude and longitude for the Pokemon, PokeStop, or PokeGym.

⇓Check Out Some Pokiimap Tricks⇓

PokiiMap – APK Download Free Now

This is an Android exclusive application for Android users, still, you need to download the app as an apk file. As I told you already this app is not featured in Google Play Store. But if you want to download the app, here is an apk download link, which can be downloaded for free.

Find the trusted link for Pokiimap app download, here in below;

[Click here to download]

Now download the app and find more Pokemon with less effort than before. All you need to download Pokiimap apk and install on your Android device. Thereafter, check in a destination where you want to hunt or in a Pokemon crowd area. So, if you want to collect more Pokemon then download it now from the given link. Also, let me know by commenting in the comment box for any question regarding Pokiimap.

Pokiimap – Apk Download Latest 2.4.0 | Pokemon Scanner for Android!!
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