PUBG being the most famous game all over the world also has lots of fans from India. But the minimum requirements for installing PUBG game on your mobile phone is that you will need to have at least Android 5.0 version with 2 GB of RAM. So these are the minimum requirements to install and play this game on your Android phone. Even though if this is a minimum requirement, but most of the time you will find lag in the game and you are unable to process the game in the middle of the game. So to take over all those issues from the game and make it more popular Tencent have decided to release the PUBG mobile lite version in the Indian market for budget phones.

PUBG mobile Lite version

The PUBG mobile lite version has been running in most of the country like the Philippines and much more. Tencent has simply announced to release the Lite version of the game in the Indian market. All the budget phones owner in India are waiting eagerly for the launch of the lite version. So if you are also one of them then let us tell you that you can download the PUBG mobile Lite version even before releasing the game.

Download PUBG lite version:

PUBG lite version

As Tencent have only launched this game in the Philippines, so you will not have this version of the game on Google Play Store. So to install this game on your budget phone simply follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you will need to download the apk from the link.
  • After downloading the file, click on it and then tap on the INSTALL button.
  • Now it will ask you to agree to all the terms and condition of the game, so simply click YES.
  • After doing all this the lite version of the game will be installed on the game and you will be able to play it on your phone even though you are from India.

Note: For playing this game or to enter the battleground you will need to have a VPN to change your location to the Philippines. Once you have set your phone location in the Philippines you are ready to go to the battlefield and have a match.

So these are the steps that you would need to follow to download and install PUBG mobile lite version before even releasing it for Indian Market. The only thing is that it seems that PUBG has temporarily suspended the registration for all the Lite new accounts, so you simply need to keep an eye on it. So that you can register the new lite version of the game whenever you can.

Difference between PUBG mobile Lite and PUBG mobile:

Well, PUBG mobile and the PUBG mobile lite version has much difference like the game will be only between 40 individuals which means the numbers of player in one battleground is decreased. Also, the area of the playground is decreased to 2×2 km, so in the lite version of the game, you will be able to play on the small playground with few individuals. Also, the bought have been decreased, as in the PUBG mobile game in 100 players there are 20% bought, so the lite version of the game will only have the advantage that you will all play with the real human.

difference between

The arcade option of the game is missing, so you are unable to play arcade part of the game in the Lite PUBG. Also, you can not customize the graphics or control of the game as you can do it in the PUBG mobile game. The time span of the game also has been decreased to 10 minutes as the game only has 40 peoples to kill and survive. So these are some of the difference that you will find between the PUBG mobile lite version and the PUBG mobile.

Now you can also play PUBG Mobile on Windows PC/Laptop

So these are the ways or steps that you need to follow to download the PUBG mobile Lite version on your mobile phone Indian before even releasing it. The steps are legal and easy, you only need to have a truster VPN app on your phone to change the location while you are playing the game. We also have shared you the difference between the two versions of the game. Coming to the genuine release date of the PUBG mobile Lite version, well there is no exact date as Tencent did not mention any dates on the announcement of this news.

PUBG Mobile Lite – How To Download In India Before The Official Launch
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