With m0re than 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS platform PUBG is one of the most famous multiplayer battle game to play on your phone or PC. The game is so hyped and popular in both the platform, the game has gone through many updates and tweaks for the betterment of the gaming experience like the new PUBG lite version. Well when it comes to the game, there are lots of amazing levels or categories to play this game. The game is soon going to come with a new Royale Pass update which will be launched live on the August 22.

third royale pass

With the new update of the new Royale Pass 3, there will be many changes in the game from the experience to the options and much more. The first Royale Pass update was first launched with a huge change in the gaming experience and the second Royale pass of the game was soon launched at the August 19 and now the company is all ready for the third Royale Pass. So let’s have a look at what the game new version has new coming for all the players.

New features to be added:

As you have already known that the third Royale Pass is going to be launched on August 22 and it confirmed from the Indonesian PUBG mobile Facebook page. The third upgrade of the Royale pass is going to have lots of amazing features. If you also upgrade to the new version of the Pass, all your RP pass, data points, levels and leaderboards of the game is going to be reset. But all those items that you have unlocked in the previous level of the game will still be available to you to use it. So no need to worry about the items that you have unlocked in the previous version of the game, as you can also use it in this level.


In the new Royale Pass, you will also get to access the new items, emotes, skins and much more. But the only issue is that you will need to pay or buy a new ticket for the new upcoming season. The new emotes will include new sings like angry and surrender which is going to be really interesting. But if you are not enabled with the angry and surrender emotes then you will need to complete the level and unlock the RP of the game.

Update to the 3rd Royale Pass:

To get the 3rd Royale Pass on your PUGB mobile game you can simply get it within the game by purchasing it like you have done with old Royale Pass. This pass is going to be a really helpful material for the diehard PUBG gamer to increase their gaming level and also the items that you need for playing the game professionally.

So this is all about the new third Royale Pass that is going to release on August 22 for every country mobile PUBG game. Also, the new update 0.8.0 update is also going to bring the smaller version of the battle map for the mobile phone. Share us below what you think about the new Royale Pass upgrade on the most popular game on the internet.

PUBG Mobile Season 3 – Launching on August 22 [Read To Know]
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